Cryptocurrency Browser Mining – How it Really Works

Cryptocurrency Browser Mining - How it Really Works

Is it profitable – Find out how if Cryptocurrency Browser Mine makes sense or not. Recently, more and more are looking for sites for mining in order to start earning in this way. However, not everyone understands how this works and do not want to invest. The solution is to try starting mining in the browser. This method, of course, is inferior to cloud mining in terms of profitability, but it allows you to get acquainted with the process itself.

In this article, we will look at popular sites and talk about this method in more detail. It should be said right away that browser mining will be of interest only to beginners. For experienced miners and those who want to get a substantial income, we recommend that you study this rating.

What is browser mining and how does it work?

Mining in the browser is a way of mining cryptocurrency using software that is located on the site and uses the processor resources. This can happen both with the consent of the user and secretly from him. The latter is sometimes used by webmasters to monetize a site. Some even suggest switching between advertising and mining to choose from. This method was very popular in the 2017th year, but then more and more browsers began to fight with web miners and limit their work in the background.

How to mine through a browser?

One of the advantages that forces novice users to choose mining through a browser is ease of use and low entry threshold. Neither special equipment nor installation of any programs is required. The user just needs to open the site and start the cryptocurrency mining procedure. Most of these services may require you to register an account first. However, you need to immediately warn that such an approach to mining will not be able to provide you with a tangible income. Its performance is significantly lower than that of classic mining, even when the same hardware is used. The best choice would be to learn how to configure the miner. But if for some reason you do not want or cannot do this, it is recommended to read this article.

Rating of Browser Mining Services?

Below we look at some of the most popular services that offer users web mining. This is not a complete list and, if desired, you can find other sites that offer mining online and without attachments. However, one should be aware of the danger that new unverified services may turn out to be a scam and not pay their users earned funds. The sites we presented at the time of writing we’re working well and did not cause problems for miners.

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Freebitcoin – Bitcoin mining in a browser

Freebitcoin - Bitcoin mining in a browser

On the FreeBitcoin website, it is possible to mine Bitcoin cryptocurrency directly on the browser page. Getting started on this service is very simple – you just need to register on the site and go to the mining section, the link to which is located at the top of the site. Your mining statistics will be indicated here. In the list you can find your hash rate, the number of hashes found, the total income for all time.

A little lower, the user can find the settings for the mining process. There you can specify the number of threads that will be used for mining, as well as the number of percent of CPU used. The default value uses the maximum resources, that is, all cores and the full load of the processor, but you can change it as you wish. Mining continues until the browser tab is closed. This is convenient, because it is optional on the page and you can continue to surf.


BrowserMine Service

BrowserMine is another way to generate cryptocurrency directly in the browser window. You also get money just for opening the page. This is convenient because you do not need any invitations, attachments or completing tasks such as viewing ads. Money will come to your account while you continue to do your own thing.

BrowserMine also offers the ability to configure the power that will be used by the site. Its increase allows you to earn more money. Power is adjusted using a special slider. The service uses its own speed unit, called BMH / s (Browser Mine Hash per second). Every 10 minutes, the system automatically converts the collected BMH into its own cryptocurrency BrowserMineCoin (BMC). Mining bitcoins, dogs or ether is not supported. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.1 BMC. BMC can be exchanged for dollars or rubles, withdraw to wallets in the following payment systems:

  • Yandex money
  • Qiwi wallet
  • Payeer
  • AdvCash
  • Visa and MasterCard credit cards

It’s nice that the developers have taken care of the convenience of withdrawal and offer such extensive support for payment systems that will allow miners from anywhere in the world to get their honestly earned money. All withdrawal operations can be made in the user’s personal account. Funds will be accrued only after registration and login. Everything earned before that will be credited to the account of the service.

It should be noted that to continue the mining process, it is not necessary to be on the page, it is enough that it is simply opened in one of the tabs. A running miner reduces the performance of the entire computer, so if you feel uncomfortable, it is better to reduce power consumption. However, then the earnings will be less. The service works well in the latest versions of the Chrome, Opera and Firefox browsers. Versions for mobile devices are also taken into account, but do not forget about high energy consumption, therefore it is recommended to connect the smartphone to a power source in advance.

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It is also important to say that BrowserMine may be limited by some browser plugins to combat advertising, for example, AdBlock. If you notice that BMH does not enter the account at the top of the page, then try setting \ turning off extensions or changing the browser. You should also not try to open several tabs, since the script for mining will work on only one.


WebMining Service

Another site that offers mining directly in the browser is the popular WebMiningservice. This service is similar in functionality to the previous one and allows you to specify the power spent on cryptocurrency mining manually. The number of cores can also be changed by the user. This allows you to always keep the tab open and continue to use the web browser. Active users are offered a turbo mode. It allows you to get an increase in mining speed in the form of certain percentages. They will be charged for the extraction of a certain amount of WMC. The referral program will not be taken into account. Thus, the more WMC you managed to mine, the greater the percentage in turbo mode.

To stop mining it is not necessary to leave the page, just click on the appropriate button. You can exchange WMH (Web Mining Hash) to WMC every one and a half hours. This is done using a special button in the miner. You can withdraw the balance through your account. For this, a Payeer wallet will be used. The developers of the service themselves write in the FAQ that their project is designed for amateurs and they focus on income for users on an affiliate program. It allows you to get up to 60 percent of profits from referrals. All you need to do is copy the referral link and share it with your audience. This will be especially true for bloggers and owners of Internet resources.

How much can you earn?

If we talk about the amount of earnings, then it is unlikely to determine the exact figures. Unfortunately, sites for web mining do not offer a calculator for a rough estimate of profit. However, with confidence we can say that serious amounts will not work. Probably, at best, with a powerful central processor, web mining will allow you to pay for the Internet.

Generating bitcoin in a browser brings much less than mining altcoins with the help of miner programs that will allow you to earn more even with weak hardware. Moreover, mining on the processor, in principle, is no longer relevant, therefore such services are more suitable for beginners who are not able to configure miners. If most of the processor power is idle while you are surfing the Internet, you can start web mining in a separate tab and allocate a few resources for it to earn an extra penny.

The most profitable today is the remote rental of mining facilities.You can earn from 100% to 300% per annum. The amount of investments and terms you choose yourself. The minimum amount to start is $ 17. 

In general, as mentioned above, browser mining is aimed only at beginners who are not too versed in cryptocurrencies. More advanced users are unlikely to be interested in this way and will use more promising methods.

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How to protect yourself from browser mining

Some Internet users are faced with a problem when a website is too heavy on the computer. It is very likely that a hidden miner was embedded in such a web page. Such programs are usually configured to mining Monero (Monero) and are used to monetize the site secretly from visitors. And some webmasters honestly warn about this and offer users to switch between mining and advertising.

If you find a site that uses a hidden miner, then you can get rid of it using one of the browser extensions. In particular, this blocking can be done using AdBlock or UBlock. Modern browsers, by the way, support the blocking of hidden mining “out of the box” and no additional steps are required. For example, the Chrome browser limits the consumption of resources for the most gluttonous pages and puts them in energy-saving mode, which can be manually disabled by the user.


Summing up, it should be said that browser mining is not an alternative to using separate full-fledged programs. It was created more likely to familiarize yourself with the process itself and should not be taken as a serious approach. One of the main disadvantages can be considered the lack of popular services for mining Dogecoin, Litecoin or Ethereum on the web.

Most services use their own internal cryptocurrency. They are not found on popular exchanges and are used only locally. All profits are subsequently simply converted into other currencies or payment systems. However, you should not think that all such services are a divorce of inexperienced users. Reviews confirm that payments, although small, are stable. Moreover, additional earnings can be obtained due to the presence of a referral system that gives users bonuses for attracting new members.

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