Ethereum Trust new version released by Grayscale

Ethereum Trust new version released by Grayscale

Since Bitcoin (BTC) has passed $ 10,000, Ethereum (ETH) and the other alcoins have come out of the spotlight. Generally, Bitcoin dictates the direction of evolution of the entire crypto market.

However, investors and analysts have begun to pay attention to the second top-level market leader cap, Ethereum. The main reason is that ETH has seen a significant increase in usage, reaching 1 million transactions a day.

1 million transactions and 400,000 active addresses

Evolution was first noted by Trustnodes, who pointed out that this value had not been reached since December 2017. By comparison, at the end of 2018, Ethereum recorded only 380,000 transactions a day. Record value was reached in January 2018 and was 1.3 million daily transactions.

Reaching this value is not the only positive signal. The number of active addresses exceeded 400,000, a level that signals interest in Ethereum applications and the use of cryptomonas as a means of exchange.

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Ethereum Trust

Another evolution is the launch of a new version of the Ethereum Trust by Grayscale. The subsidiary Digital Currency Group has launched an ETH pricing instrument.

Like Bitcoin Trust, which holds over 1% of the total BTC, this new financial product is an “open trust” that is supported by cryptomoneda Ethereum. The product allows investors to get

“Exposure to ETH price movements through a traditional investment vehicle without having to deal with the difficulties of buying, storing and storing.”

The Serenity upgrade, ready for next year

Developer Justin Drake recently announced that the Serenity (Ethereum 2.0) upgrade specifications have already been established.

The zero phase is the activation of the so-called Beacon Chain, which will introduce the Proof of Stake features on the blockchain. Developers have confirmed that they plan to release this version of the project early in 2020, possibly on January 3rd.

The Ethereum price fell below the $ 300 threshold after it reached $ 360 a week ago.

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