Europe noted a decrease in gas imports via Turkish Stream

MOSCOW, 1 Oct — PRIME. The volume of Russian gas exports to Europe via the Turkish Stream gas pipeline in the last week of September decreased by about 20-25% compared to the same period last month, according to data from the European Network of Gas Transportation System Operators (ENTSOG).

Gazprom confirms uninterrupted supplies to Hungary via Turkish Stream

The export of gas through the Strandzha 2-Malkochlar point, which is located on the Bulgarian-Turkish border, in the last week of September amounted to about 32.5-38.1 million cubic meters, while in the same period of August the volume reached about 43.5-48. 1 million cubic meters. The indicator fell by almost 20-25%.

Now Russian pipeline gas is supplied to Europe along two routes – through the gas transportation system of Ukraine and the Turkish Stream.

The start of the military operation and the sanctions associated with it affected the decline in Russian gas exports to Europe. Due to non-payment of gas under the new scheme in rubles, Gazprom stopped deliveries to Bulgargaz to Bulgaria, PGNiG to Poland, Gasum to Finland, GasTerra to the Netherlands, as well as Shell Energy Europe to Germany and Orsted to Denmark. Deliveries along the main route, Nord Stream, as well as Yamal-Europe, have ceased, and the Ukrainian gas transmission system has significantly decreased.

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Turkish Stream is a gas pipeline from Russia to Turkey across the Black Sea. The design capacity is 31.5 billion cubic meters of gas per year. Gazprom supplies gas via Turkish Stream to Turkey and in transit through Turkish territory to the countries of Southern and South-Eastern Europe.

The pipeline operator, Dutch-registered South Stream Transport BV, said on Thursday that new EU sanctions on September 18 led to the early revocation of the company’s export license. However, the company assured that supplies through the pipeline would not be affected, and said that they had already applied for the renewal of the license, since it is important for Europe’s energy security.

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