Experts found out which IT specialists are most in demand in Russia

MOSCOW, September 13 – PRIME. The most demanded IT specialists in Russia are programmers and developers, they are searched for in 11% of cases, another 10% of the total number of vacancies are occupied by analysts and system administrators, follows from a study conducted by and Headaad, the results of which are available RIA News.

The number of applications for Russian IT solutions quadrupled in 2022

The study analyzed about 50 thousand vacancies published in the summer of 2022.

“Most often, companies are looking for a programmer or developer (11%), an analyst (10%) and a system administrator (10%),” the study says.

The leaders among employers in terms of the number of published vacancies are SBER (2%), Yandex (2%) and MTS (1%).

“Most vacancies for IT specialists are published in Moscow – almost 40%.

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“In general, IT specialists are offered in vacancies from 73 thousand ± 56.2 thousand to 106.1 thousand ± 86.2 thousand Russian rubles per month (average value ± standard deviation). In Moscow and the regions, the figures differ almost twice” , the study notes.

The most demanded vacancy is a programmer (developer): companies are looking for and most often offer them one of the highest salaries for a non-management position – from 84.5 thousand ± 61.7 thousand to 143.4 thousand ± 96.7 thousand rubles.

Product managers and testers of the company are less sought after – 9.1% and 7.7%, respectively, but they offer a higher salary than other low-demand specialists. “The product manager receives from 97.2 thousand ± 62.3 thousand to 162.4 thousand ± 122.2 thousand rubles, and the tester – from 88.3 thousand ± 55.4 to 137.1 thousand ± 86 thousand rubles”, — the study says.

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