Galaxy S10 phone ready for new technology

Galaxy S10 phone ready for new technology

Samsung has become one of the pioneers of blockchain technology with the launch of the Galaxy S10. The device supports both decentralized applications and cryptocurrency transactions.

Offering a dedicated hardware structure and an integrated crypto wallet, the Galaxy S10 has become the first blckchain phone produced by a major company.

The device was initially available in the Asian market, and Samsung has officially launched it in the US (Canada and US) markets.

In addition, the electronics maker is running a campaign to promote its own blockchain, which provides support for dApps.

The company emphasizes that the main benefits of technology stem from decentralization and transparency.

By distributing data on multiple computers, rather than on a centralized server, the system is fairer, safer and more transparent. For these reasons, blockchain has major potential for implementation in a variety of industries, including finance, medicine, real estate and entertainment.

Galaxy S10 phone ready for new technology

From cryptocurrency wallets to DApps – or decentralized applications – Samsung has consistently built a variety of technology-based services. The company also offers a developer package – the Samsung Blockchain SDK, which allows application development.

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The Galaxy S10 includes a Blochchain Keystore store from which users can download applications. Currently, the integrated crypto wallet securely stores private keys, within Samsung Knox, a comprehensive security platform. It also provides support for the Ethereum, Bitcoin and Tron blockchain and all associated tokens.

At the moment, the Samsung Blockchain-supported version is not available in Europe. The phone is available in Romania at most distributors, at a price of about 700 euros, but it has no integrated crypto wallet.