Gazprombank and InEnergy scale production of hydrogen technologies

MOSCOW, 15 Sep — PRIME. Gazprombank and InEnergy, which works in the field of hydrogen energy, plan to implement a joint project to scale up the Russian production of fuel cells and energy storage devices of a new generation, the credit institution has already provided financing to the company, the bank said.

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“Gazprombank, as part of the implementation of the strategy for the development of hydrogen technologies, announces cooperation with InEnergy, a market participant in the National Technology Initiative EnergyNet. The partners plan to jointly implement a project to scale up the domestic production of fuel cells and new generation energy storage devices,” the press service of Gazprombank noted. .

It is noted that the organization at the first stage provided InEnergy with funding, which will be directed to the transition from the scientific and engineering stage to the production stage. The parties, using the Russian market as a starting point, intend to further enter the global markets with unique technologies and products.

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“The Bank is ready to become a pillar for the development of the hydrogen industry in Russia, supporting innovative projects and developments in this area. In turn, the industrial assets of the Gazprombank Group have unique competencies and advanced developments, use the best proven approaches and tools, which allows them to act as a driving force for the transition to a new a significant phase of the introduction and use of hydrogen, ensuring the development of the entire system as a whole,” said Tigran Khachaturov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Gazprombank.

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