Gigabyte A320 boards are now compatible with Ryzen 5000 –

Although they are still entry-level motherboards, we believe that AMD APUs would do well, so we are happy to announce that the A320 motherboards of Gigabyte are already compatible with Ryzen 5000.

First we want to make it clear that most A320 boards are designed for office computers, nothing from the world of gaming or anything similar, and this is because they are input motherboards, which have few extras or the vrm that are not dissipated and yes We installed a powerful Ryzen, when playing we will suffer from thermal throttling.

The other point to consider is the RAM, the performance of all Zen architectures depends a lot on the speed of the DDR4 and the new firmware does not allow to take advantage of the memory modules much faster than before.

This is a clear bottleneck to get the most out of a Ryzen 4000, but especially a Ryzen 5000, so the performance you will get will be less than with a motherboard change, at least in certain tasks.

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Specifically, there have been two GIGABYTE motherboards that have received the update: GA-A320M-H and GA-A320M-S2H. Of each of them, the manufacturer released three revisions to the market and for the six in total they have released updated firmware, whose links we leave you below.

Gigabyte A320 boards are now compatible with Ryzen 5000

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