Baikal Giant A2000 Profitability | Specification Payback | Benefits

Baikal Giant A2000 Profitability Specification Payback Benefits

In the summer of 2017, Baikal Giant A2000, a direct competitor to AntMiner D3, was introduced. Bitmain’s mining machine for cryptocurrency issues 5 gigagesh / s on the X11 algorithm, but we’ll talk about A2000. Giant + is very noisy, but consumes a little energy, supports a huge number of algorithms. Everything suggests that it will be an excellent replacement for the elder brother – Giant A-900. Two powerful fans inside the case perfectly cool massive radiators.

Very easy to use and install Asik. Even a novice miner can deal with it. Giant + was made with a focus on use at home, although they put it in rented premises. Great for a pool with an automatic change of the algorithm, which our Asik supports six at once. Not bad for mine Bitcoin, but not for them alone.

Baikal Giant A2000 mining

The complexity of the Bitcoin algorithm is getting higher every day. The emergence of serious players, such as data centers of large corporations, complicates the process to ordinary miners. The price of fresh equipment is very high. We will not talk about the newest model, but it is still actively used in mining.

When connecting the GiantA2000, do not try to feed all the power through one power supply connector. Under excessive load, the cable will start to melt and light up. For normal operation, you need at least 2 lines of 12 pin.

Baikal Giant A2000 Specifications

Excellent cooling system. Far from being the quietest on the market, but keeping the temperature within reasonable limits. In addition, on the back of the Baikal miner Giant A2000 there are color LED indicators that show the current state of the device. It supports 6 different algorithms: X11, X13, X14, X15, Quark and Qubit. According to the manufacturer, they will have the following hash rate:

  • X11 – 2000MH / s at 430W
  • X13 – 1600MH / s at 430W
  • X14 – 1600MH / s at 440W
  • X15 – 1600MH / s at 450W
  • Quark – 2000MH / s at 248W
  • Cubit – 2000MH / s at 280W

Now more about the lights. Red indicates that Asik is on. Blue displays initialization and connection. If the green light is flashing (flashing), your A2000 is actively mining coins. Turning it on, you will hear a quiet fan noise. You need to wait a minute and a half, and Asik will be ready for use. You notice it by the characteristic noise: it will become significantly louder, but nothing critical. What is the reason? A great advantage of Giant + is heat dissipation. Its working temperature is 35-36 degrees Celsius. That’s why the turntables are very noisy. Again – do not be afraid, the volume of their work is completely uncritical. I have an old power supply, in which the cooler makes a little less noise. Putting in the garage, you will not even hear it.

Baikal Giant A2000
Baikal Giant A2000 photo
Baikal Giant A2000 home picture

Full device specification

The machine is actively used for the extraction of various cryptocurrencies. It works with different block chains, which means versatility. The price of the miner ASIC Baikal Giant A2000 is quite high. The start of sales began with $ 6000. All stocks from the manufacturer’s warehouses were sold in the first days. Next came outbid. Some sellers from China put price tags at 8000-8500 dollars. Now the model can be found for $ 2000-2500. To device characteristics:

  • Hesrate: 1600-200 Megakhesh / sec. Depends on the algorithm.
  • Power consumption: from 280W to 450W. Also depends on the algorithm.
  • Power: 12V 6-pin connector, ATX power supply.
  • Network: Ethernet.
  • Working temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius.
  • Weight: almost 3 kilograms
  • Dimensions: 300x140x125 mm.
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Find such a very difficult. On Ebay, the price tag is closer to $ 2000, but most likely it will be used. Mining equipment vendors may have a new Giant +, but they will have to pay $ 4000 + for it. And this is despite the fact that he was released six months ago.

Giant + has two boards with controllers. To get 2GHs / S, you need to connect them with a parallel cable. Insert one end into the Out connector (located near the Ethernet port), the other end into In. On both sides there are ports In and Out. So you can consistently connect Asiki.

How to connect and run Baikal Giant A2000?

Connecting Baikal Giant 2000 is very simple. You will need Asik himself for this, a power supply unit for 500W (real 500, if you are not sure of the stuffing – take a more powerful unit), a complete parallel connection cable. Also, if your power supply has only 12 pin connectors, you need 6 pin adapters. Further according to the instructions:

  1. Connect the power supply to the ASHIK and turn it on.
  2. Using an Ethernet cable, connect the Internet (be it a switch or a router).
  3. Starts to work quietly. The red indicator lights up – the power is on normally. Flashing blue – initialization is in progress. He began to make a little louder noise and the blue lights on both sides are lit – ready to go. If blue is not lit together, then you have a problem. It is worth checking out both fans inside.
  4. Open the Windows command prompt. Enter the “ping baikal”. If everything is connected correctly, we will see Asik’s IP address. We enter it into the browser, the password for the input is “baikal”.
  5. In the Miner tab, we can see other people’s data (if Asik is not new). We remove them if necessary.
  6. Configure the pool. Algorithms for A2000 immediately six, which means we choose ZPool.
  7. We register on the pool and enter.
  8. We create our worker.
  9. Return to the tab with the settings Giant +.
  10. We create tasks in pools. 6 threads – 6 tasks. In each we enter the desired cryptocurrency wallet (in my case Bitcoin).
  11. Save the pools.
  12. We return to the main page and see: mining has gone.
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If you have connected a parallel cable and configured ZPool, you will see that your Baikal miner Giant outputs 2000MH / S in multi-threaded mode. Now you can from time to time look at Ashik’s home tab or ZPool page and watch the mining process of cryptocurrency.

For me, the best choice is ZPool. It supports automatic switching of algorithms and all 6 Baikal Giant + algorithms.

Profitability and Benefits Baikal Giant A2000

It is no secret that now there are miners much better, more powerful, more profitable, more expensive. Machines are cheaper too, but they are either outdated or have already been used by someone. The technical characteristics of the device under consideration do not surprise anyone.

The devices are gradually moving to the level of terrahesh, and these modest 2 gigagesh per second is already a trifle. But in practice, everything is much better. The range of algorithms makes Asik more versatile. With a successful rate supported by the coin, you can earn up to 25-26 dollars a day.

If you use the old model Asika in mining, be guided by the rate of coins you earned. In such a situation, you need to constantly monitor prices on the stock exchanges. Do not sell the currency at a clearly unfavorable price, better wait for a temporary price increase. This is a risk, but often justified.

Profitability and Benefits  Baikal Giant A2000

Personally, I used the A2000 to get Bitcoin. With the current rate on it you can mine Bitcoin at 8.51 dollars per day. $ 220 per month with the current rate can turn into $ 400-500, if you pick up the moment. Now Miner ASIC Baikal Giant A2000 will pay for itself for at least six months. This is subject to good prices for extracted cryptocurrency and proper choice of algorithms. In fact, the payback period can easily exceed even a year. The best option is to leave this Asik in mining for six months, sell the coins only at reasonable prices, and then sell the equipment itself. By the time he will be a year. The price tag will be kept at a normal level due to universality (6 algorithms).

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Should I avoid the used?

Keeping our own data centers, which are 24/7 miners cryptocurrency – is now a real trend. Almost all large companies are doing this. Even Sberbank is rumored to have similar real estate. ASIC miners did not miss this wave either. Information began to appear on the primary use in mining of the company’s products and then selling it as new.

Against this background, the excitement around ASIC Baikal Giant A2000 has grown significantly. Mine Bitcoin started everything: from large investors to schoolchildren at home PCs. The cryptocurrency market has been expanding every day. What explains the wave of demand?

His contribution was made by the so-called black PR. Owners of the new Asikov reported that the purchased equipment was delivered with obvious signs of long-term use. The fans were covered with a layer of dirt and dust. Similar happens with warranty parts for AntMiner. Also, users have repeatedly come across details of dubious novelty. But the manufacturer blamed everything on Chinese suppliers. The conflict was hushed up, defects fixed. Now everything seems to be in order: you can consider 2 options: used and new asik. Calculate the approximate payback today and make a choice.

Summarize – Baikal Giant A2000

A2000 – decent development. Qualitatively assembled, easy to use, has good potential. On the other hand, the price is still high. But it shows the relevance of the device. A wide range of algorithms helps to maintain competition and bring profit to the owner.

An intuitive interface, simple connectivity, a sophisticated cooling system and a fairly low noise level are the basic advantages of the miner. Ideal for home use. All together makes asyk up to date to this day.

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