Hungary says gas supply route from Russia is safe and reliable

BUDAPEST, 4th — PRIME. Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Economic Relations Peter Szijjártó called Gazprom a reliable partner and said that the Russian side had said that it would deliver all the contracted volumes of gas to Hungary in case of technical problems with the northern and western supply routes.

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Earlier, Szijjarto said that an agreement was signed with Gazprom, according to which, from September 1, an additional 5.8 million cubic meters of gas will be supplied to the country daily through the Turkish Stream and Serbia.

“(In the matter of Gazprom’s reliability) one must rely on experience. Until now, Gazprom has been reliable in relation to Hungary, yes. It should be noted that today the contracted amount is received in full every day along the southern delivery route. We all know about the difficulties of the northern and western supply chains… In general, the southern volume is much larger, so about 88-90% of the contracted volume arrives every day.And Deputy Prime Minister (RF Alexander) Novak clearly told me that those volumes that cannot be delivered via the northern and Western lines for technical reasons, will also be delivered to us,” Szijjártó said in an interview with the Hungarian ATV channel.

In Szijjarto’s opinion, “there is no need to count” that “Gazprom” itself “will turn off the tap and Hungary will not receive gas,” although this is real. “(Southern – ed.) The transit route, along which Russian gas is transported, has worked well so far … Contracts have been signed, they are still being regularly implemented, the transit route is safe, and the countries located on it are reliable. Therefore, I think that we were able to provide the best possible security given the current circumstances,” he said.

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Hungary and Gazprom in September 2021 signed contracts for the supply of 4.5 billion cubic meters of gas per year over the next 15 years, of which 3.5 billion cubic meters of gas per year falls on the route through Serbia (from the Turkish Stream) and 1 billion through Austria. The first volumes of gas through the Balkan Stream gas pipeline, which receives gas from the Turkish Stream, went to Hungary through Serbia on October 1.

The contract volume corresponds to approximately 12.3 million cubic meters of gas per day.

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