If it’s exercise, it’s organized like an invasion. The powerful Russian fleet manned the Black Sea and the Mediterranean

The Russians made the first steel cuts for the new Project 677 submarines

It can already be said that Russia has planted key regions in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The Russian Federation has just deployed its key fleet parts thousands of kilometers from its bases in the Arctic and the Pacific. Mainly in positions near Ukraine where amphibious ships, warships and submarines have gathered, but it seems that those in the Mediterranean Sea are already serving as a layer of defense against a possible counter-offensive by NATO countries.

If these are just exercises, then Russia is clearly practicing starting a war. Especially since the auxiliary ships are already in place

The current state of the Russian fleet can be divided into three regions – the Sea of ​​Azov, where there are several missile corvettes and landing ships, the Black Sea, where most of the Russian landing ships are located, and the Mediterranean Sea. On the latter, Russia has amassed more warships, submarines and aircraft. These forces are more focused on fighting ships and threaten a possible air attack by NATO countries.

Graphics by HI Sutton for Naval News

By far the biggest indication that these “exercises” are not “ordinary exercises” is the deployment of fleet support ships. These, like the field hospitals in the land war, are a refuge for damaged ships that need urgent repairs on the high seas… mostly combat repairs.

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Thus, Russia is slowly but steadily extending its military power around Ukraine, securing itself against a possible counter-attack and becoming more and more resistant to it. Preparations, on the other hand, are stealthy and are becoming more and more subtle and overlooked in the media after the constant assault on the public with information on a potential conflict has “got bored” of us, as the daily infection statistics once did.

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