In Britain, they calculated how much the new prime minister will pay for electricity

MOSCOW, September 5 – PRIME. Future British Prime Minister expected to be Liz Truss will pay no more than £2,000 ($2,301) for electricity to Downing Street over the winter due to state subsidies, Britain’s Guardian newspaper reports, citing a Labor Party study. .

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As notes the edition, bills for electricity and heating on Downing Street are paid by the state.

While capping electricity prices means the average annual bill is expected to be over £4,000 ($4,606) over the winter, Truss will be insured against price increases beyond a certain point thanks to the way electricity costs are paid.

According to Labor figures quoted by the newspaper, the prime minister will pay only electricity taxes, and his expenses for the winter will amount to 1,980 pounds ($2,279).

As the paper notes, “no matter how much the electricity limit rises in the 2023-2024 tax year, Truss will pay no more than £3,400 ($3,912) in total.”

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Voting in the last round of the election of the British Prime Minister ended on Friday, the results will be known on Monday.

Boris Johnson, who replaced Theresa May as prime minister in 2019, announced on July 7 that he is stepping down as prime minister and leader of the UK’s Conservative Party.

In Britain, on July 20, the fifth round of voting by members of parliament from the Conservative Party took place to elect the leader of the party, who will also become the country’s prime minister. As a result, two candidates reached the final of the election race – Foreign Minister Liz Truss and former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak.