In Europe, they thought about renting giant floating power plants

MOSCOW, 13 Oct – PRIME. The current energy crisis and possible shortage of energy resources puts Europe in a position where it needs to think about renting giant floating power plants, writes Bloomberg.

EU authorities noted the need to mitigate the impact of gas prices

Such stations are mainly used by developing countries.

The agency cites data from Karpowership, a Turkish-based company that specializes in floating power plants. Africa is the main user of such stations. The head of the Turkish company, Zeynep Kharezi, said that they are in talks with the four largest European countries about the lease, and also that he hopes to quickly overcome any bureaucratic obstacles. Both parties are interested in the early start of production at low prices and in accordance with the environmental requirements of the European Union.

The Turkish company Karpowership is able to lease eight such vessels to Europe, which can generate up to two gigawatts of electricity. The price will be only 20 to 25 eurocents per kilowatt-hour, which is half the price of the current market price for energy supplies in Germany.

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The agency noted that such power plants operate mainly on LNG and fuel oil with a low sulfur content, which will cause protests from European environmentalists. For example, the environmental group BUND recently criticized the idea of ​​the German Ministry of Economy and Climate about the use of floating oil-powered power plants. Ecologists did not see any clear reasons for using such generation.

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