In Germany, the level of occupancy of UGS facilities exceeded 86%

MOSCOW, 7 Sep — PRIME. The occupancy rate of German gas storage facilities has exceeded 86%, according to a daily report from the German Federal Network Agency.

The European Commission will discuss the price ceiling for Russian gas on Friday

According to the regulator, the situation remains tense, and further deterioration of the situation cannot be ruled out. However, at the moment, gas supplies to Germany are stable, their safety is still guaranteed. The Federal Grid Agency is closely monitoring the situation and is in close contact with grid operators.

“The overall filling level of gas storage facilities is 86.49%,” the report says.

It is noted that over the past day, gas storage facilities have replenished by 0.39 percentage points.

Germany’s largest UGS facility, Rehden, which previously belonged to Gazprom through its subsidiaries and in which gas was less than a percent of its volume in April, is currently 71.4% filled – over the past day this figure has increased by 0.61 percentage points.

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The regulator added that the Russian side did not resume gas supplies via Nord Stream due to alleged defects at the Potovaya compressor station. According to the Federal Network Agency, “the defects claimed by the Russian side are technically not a reason to suspend operations.”

It is emphasized that Germany is better prepared for the disruption of Russian supplies than it was a few months ago: good progress has been made both in filling storage facilities and in deliveries along routes other than Russian pipelines, as well as in creating new capacities for unloading liquefied gas.

According to the agency, despite the fact that wholesale prices for products fluctuate significantly, however, they remain at a very high level. The regulator also warned that companies and private consumers should prepare for a significant increase in gas prices.

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