In Turkey, they predicted an imminent capitulation of the European Union to Russia

MOSCOW, September 9 — PRIME. Europe is moving towards capitulation to Russia over gas, writes Hasan Basri Yalcin, a columnist for the Turkish edition of Sabah.

The expert told what will result in the “ceiling” of prices for Russian gas for Europe

According to him, in conditions when Russia is sharply reducing gas supplies to Europe, the latter can hardly find an equivalent replacement for the former fuel supplier.

“The Russian economy did not collapse in a short time due to sanctions. Moreover, it turned out that Europe needs Russian gas more than Russia needs European money,” the author points out.

As for the United States, they cannot meet the needs of Europeans for gas. The current administration of the White House could at least try to do this and develop alternative solutions, albeit expensive and temporary – but the upcoming elections in November “do not seem so rosy” for the ruling Democrats, the author notes. If the Republicans get the majority of votes, then US aid to all of Europe may stop, which means that Europe “will be left all alone in the midst of chaos,” the journalist emphasizes.

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According to Yalcin, the problems that have arisen cannot be solved by cutting energy consumption, and with the end of the coming winter they will not disappear. “Let’s say the Europeans will make huge stocks within a year. But will the military conflict soon end and sanctions will be lifted? Of course not,” he said.

“If you don’t find a solution, then you give up. And I think that Europe is moving along the path of capitulation to Russia because of gas. This defeat will also mean the overthrow of the Western system,” Yalchin stressed.

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