Antminer Z9 vs Z9 Mini – Profit | Hashrate | Specs |Review

Innosilicon Antminer Z9 vs Z9 mini - Profit Hashrate Specs Review

Asos Innosilicon Antminer Z9 and Z9 mini-review – check out their specifications, profitability, payback period and their hashrate. Asia is a compact computer that is tuned for hashes. This device is one of the most profitable cryptocurrency mining options. Choosing the best asics for mining, you need to focus on parameters such as cryptocurrency mining speed, power consumption, and payback. Let’s consider the rating of Asics for mining in 2019.

Specifications Antminer Z9 and Z9 mini

Antminer Z9 mini:

  • Productivity: 10 000 sol / s;
  • Power Consumption: 300 W;
  • Start of sales: June 20, 2018
  • Price: $ 850 (without power supply);

Antminer Z9:

  • Productivity: 40,000 sol / s;
  • Power Consumption: 1150 W;
  • Start of sales: August 20, 2018;
  • Price: $ 3200 (without power supply);

Despite the fact that Bitmain mentions mining on the Equihash algorithm, in fact Z9 and Z9 mini were released exclusively for mining the Zcash cryptocurrency, which is considered the most promising on Equihash. Users can also mine ZenCash, Hush and Bitcoin Gold, but they are less in demand in the crypto industry.

To summarize

One way or another, the Antminer Z9 mini should please its owners. The proverb “strike while it’s hot” refers specifically to ASIC devices, since Bitmain produces equipment with a maximum of six months. In a year, the Z9 mini will show less performance, but by then the mining giant will release new, more productive equipment.

PS. Be careful and beware of scammers. Buy asics only in the official Bitmain store or from trusted online sellers.

Innosilicon A9 ZMaster ASIC Review: Evaluating Profitability

Innosilicon Corporation is confidently gaining ground in the market for devices designed for cryptocurrency mining. Of course, such a giant as Bitmain is still far away, but the ASIC-miner, developed for mining Litecoin, brought the company well-deserved popularity. The A9 ZMaster chip was developed for mining coins on the Equihash algorithm and attracted the attention of everyone involved in the mining of Zencash, Bitcoin Private and, of course, Zcash. Let’s get acquainted with its capabilities closer.

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Device Overview

The device is based on the A9 Z Master ASIC chip. First of all, the unit attracts attention with its compact size, low noise and high ROI. The manufacturer declared the following characteristics:

  • The hash rate is at the level of 50 ksol / s with possible deviations within 8% up or down.
  • The consumption of electricity in normal mode is 620 W.
  • The temperature in normal mode is about 25 ° C.
  • Overall dimensions are: length – 36 cm, width – 12.5 cm, height – 15.5 cm.
  • The mass of the device is slightly less than 6 kg.

The device is capable of operating in the temperature range from 0 ° C to 45 ° C and supports the ethernet connection standard. A price of 9799 USD is declared for the device, and sales will be limited.

The ASIC Antminer Z9 turned out to be the closest competitor of this model, so comparisons between these two devices are obvious. And, of course, the significant price of this chip makes you think about whether the costs will be justified. We’ll evaluate the profitability in order to decide on the effectiveness of the purchase of this device.

Evaluate Profitability

To assess profitability, use the WhatToMine calculator. Fill in the cells, indicating a hash rate of 50 ksol / s and consumption of 620 W (these are the nominal values ​​indicated by the manufacturers). The current complexity of the Zcash network and the exchange rate of this currency against the dollar allows us to expect daily income in the region of 140 USD, and you can earn in a month approximately 4250 USD. This is a very significant profitability, showing that ASIC will recover costs in two months with a small one.

Of course, this calculation is conditional. It lacks two important parameters:

  • The price of electricity in the region.
  • Fluctuations in Zcash | USD /
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Therefore, we can expect that in real conditions the payback will be lower, taking about 3 months in time.

Comparable to competitor

To get a more complete picture, let us conduct the same WhatToMine calculation for the nearest competitor – Antminer Z9. Any review of this ASIC contains the characteristics of a hashrate of 10,000 h / s and consumption of 247 W. Under the same ideal conditions (without taking into account the cost of energy and rate fluctuations), the calculation shows that at Zcash mining it will be possible to earn 28 USD per day, and per month – 855 USD.

The indicators are much more modest. But the price declared for this device is only 850 USD, so full self-sufficiency will be achieved in 30-32 days.

To summarize

New from Innosilicon loses to the competitor in terms of payback speed. However, thanks to a much higher profitability, after half a year of operation, the lucky owners of this model will receive much more profit, which illustrates the basic rule of mining: “invest more – remove more.”

The reviews do not yet contain information about any problems with this model. Therefore, it can be argued that this ASIC will be an excellent investment.

The main characteristics of ASICs

Asiks have such basic characteristics:

  • Performance or hashrate. The greater this characteristic, the higher the profitability of asic;
  • Energy consumption. In different models of ASICs, it can vary greatly. When choosing, the buyer usually looks at how many Hashes will be calculated per unit of energy;
  • Price;
  • Noise, heat and size. If you plan to place the farm at home, you need to look at the noise and size of the computer. But no matter how quiet and small the computer is, it is not recommended to use ASICs at home.
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Not all asics are created for Bitcoin mining. Some are intended for Litecoin (Scrypt algorithm), Dash (X11) and other types of crypto.

Which ASIC to choose for mining in 2019?

Like any other device, even the best asic for mining 2019, have their advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, the advantages of cryptocurrency mining with their help outweigh all the inconveniences.


  • High performance equipment;
  • No need to carry out frequent software updates;
  • High reliability;
  • For the system does not need additional components;
  • Easy setup;
  • Easy transportation.


  • Difficulties in repairing during breakdowns;
  • Algorithm restrictions
  • Noisy work and heat generation, which complicates the use at home;
  • Snap to place.

When choosing a specific asic, you must carefully consider all the existing advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps the most significant characteristics are reliability, since even the best ASIC will not generate revenue in the event of a breakdown.

Which ASIC is best to buy in 2019?

Cryptocurrency mining today is a popular way to earn money. Different coins are mined on equipment with high performance. Equipment manufacturers are coming up with increasingly powerful ASICs, and older models are becoming unprofitable.

All models presented in our rating will allow you to quickly start earning income. Of course, time does not stand still. Manufacturers are trying to create more reliable and productive asics for cryptocurrency mining. Therefore, you should pay attention to the latest models.

In the event that you cannot afford Asik, we advise you to pay attention to cloud mining services.

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