ASIC Miner A5 Dashmaster – Review | Hashrate | Profit | Specs

ASIC Miner A5 Dashmaster - Review | Hashrate | Profit | Specs

Take a look at Innosilicon A5 DashMaster Review and become familiar with its hashrate, specifications, profitability and its payback periods. The complexity of the Litecoin and Bitcoin network grew exponentially in 2017. Due to the growth of quotes and increased demand for ASICs, it became very difficult and expensive to trade main crypts or get them. Many cryptocurrency miners began to pay attention to other altcoins. One of the most popular and no less promising cryptocurrencies is Dash. In 2018, its production is actual to be carried out on asiks. 

Powerful equipment for these purposes is produced by Chinese manufacturers – Bitmain, Pinidea. However, the most productive at the moment A5 Dashmaster X11 ASIC miner is the development of Innosilicon. The first batch of devices with a fantastic hashrate of 30.2 Gigahash and power consumption of 750 Wh was immediately sold out.

Innosilicon A5 Dashmaster X11 ASIC miner – specifications

Asic, launched by Innosilicon, has become a direct competitor to the Chinese sales leader Antminer D3 and Pinidea DR-100. Often, miners prefer the Innosilicon A5 Dashmaster X11 ASIC miner, rather than the Asik created by Bitmain. First of all, this is due to higher power and lower power consumption.

According to Innosilicon, the ASIC miner A5 has far surpassed its competitors and will be a market leader for a long time.

ASIC Miner A5 has the following options:

hash rate30.2 to 38 GH / s
electricity consumptionfrom 750 to 1250 Wh
type of chips usedA5 Dashmaster ASIC
dimensions400x135x158 mm
the weight3.1 kg without power supply
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In economy mode, the power consumption level of ASIC miner A5 is 750 Wh and the performance is 30.2 GH / s. With maximum acceleration, the hashrate reaches 38 GH / s, however, along with it, the level of energy consumption also increases – up to 1250 Wh. In the new batch, the lower threshold of performance for ASIC miner Dashmaster A5 is 32.5 GH / s with the same power consumption as before – 750 Wh.

As for the appearance of the asik, it is not particularly noticeable. The body is made of aluminum – this helps to improve heat dissipation. For cooling, only 1 fan is used, located on the back of the case. When ordering on the official website of, you can choose to purchase separately ASIC or a kit with a power supply. The manufacturer provides a warranty of 6 months.

Connect ASIC miner A5

To complete the ASIC miner A5 connection, the user will need to complete the following steps:

  • connect hashing boards and control to the power supply;
  • connect Ethernet cable to ASIC;
  • determine the IP address of the device;
  • choose a pool for cryptocurrency mining based on the X11 algorithm;
  • specify the necessary commands in the settings of Asik X11 Dash (can be found on the pool in the HELP or FAQ tab).

If all the actions on the equipment are performed correctly, the indicators light up, which indicate the transition of the A5 Dashmaster X11 ASIC miner to the operating mode.

Price and Profitability Asika Innosilicon A5

Asik Innosilicon A5 Dashmaster X11

The main issue that interests many users is the price of Asika Innosilicon A5. On the official website of the manufacturer it is reported that the sale of the next batch with a capacity of 32.5 GH / s will be held from February 26 to March 2. According to the terms of the preliminary sale, at the time of writing, the miner can be bought for 12.779 LTC coins or 0.272825 Bitcoin coins, which is equivalent to 2780 dollars.

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The price of ASIC miner A5 in Russia is 190-200 thousand rubles, taking into account the order on the official website and self-delivery. If you buy it from retailers, then the cost will be 2–4 times higher.

To determine the level of profitability of the miner, we use a special calculator Let’s calculate the yield for two modifications of Asik A5:

30.2 gigahash38 gigacheh
750 watts1250 watts
18144 rubles per month22691 rubles per month
540 kW per month900 kW per month

Profitability is calculated without taking into account the payment of electricity bills. The bottom line shows energy consumption per month. Depending on the tariffs in the region, profitability can be calculated more accurately. However, in this case, the payback period will be clear only approximately, since the complexity of production is growing, the rate is changing, and this certainly affects income.

ASIC Miner A5 – Pros and Cons, Reviews

On the official website of the company, all the advantages and features of the A5 Dashmaster X11 ASIC miner are naturally detailed. However, for an objective assessment, it is worth considering user reviews. Namely, relying on them, we have compiled a table of the pros and cons of the device.

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relatively low power consumptioncomplexity of the order on the official website and delivery time
will be relevant for a long timerelatively high cost in online stores
the possibility of mining on a hashrate of 38 gigachesadditional purchase or order of BP
highest hashrate for mining on X11strong heating of the case

The disadvantages we attributed to the strong heating of the apparatus. Such a negative factor was noted by the first buyers of equipment. Because of this, it is required to constantly maintain the temperature in the room at a level no higher than 25 degrees, which implies the use of an air conditioner around the clock. And this is an additional load on the power grid and maintenance costs.

In general, ASIC Miner A5 is a worthy representative of Innosilikon equipment for mining Desh and another crypto on X11. It brings good income and if you order the device on the official website, then the ROI will be about a year. There is only one conclusion: if you invest in an ASIC for X11, then a solution is better than the A5 Dashmaster X11 ASIC miner – it simply does not.

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