Intel Core Inside like a medal on the housing. Intel really cares about its customers

Intel Core Inside like a medal on the housing.  Intel really cares about its customers

When you buy a laptop or computer in the form of a ready-made kit, you will always find stickers on the casing, telling you what drives the equipment. Usually they go to the bin, leaving a sticky square behind, but if you’re one of the people who really like stickers, Intel’s approach to customers is sure to please you.

Lost your Intel sticker? Relax – the company will send you another one

Characteristic stickers have been around for a long time and companies have not given up on them. We can find them now especially in processor boxes or other high-end components, but today the stickers accompanying Intel processors are of interest to us the most. We can get these for free (at least in the USA, because in other countries you have to pay for the shipment) – you just need to express such a desire.

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This is confirmed by the story of a Reddit user hiding under the nickname Excellent-Ad-7062, who used this service and gave it a favorable opinion. Contrary to appearances, this is nothing new, because Intel has long been offering a program to replace its stickers, showing the willingness to receive it and confirming the purchase or possession of a given system with an Intel processor. As a result, you will receive a sticker completely free (+ shipping costs) and thanks from the company, emphasizing the marketing dimension of the stickers themselves:

Your support for the consistent and appropriate use of our brand identity is very valuable. Affixing a sticker to the front of the system bezel will help ensure that we are consistently delivering on our brand promise to deliver innovation, reliability and cutting-edge technology.