Laptops with “Ampere” graphics cards are bought to break cryptocurrency

During the period 2016–2017, prices for cryptocurrencies skyrocketed and breaking such soon became an activity for private individuals as well as large-scale players. The result was high demand for graphics cards, with poorer supply and higher prices as a direct result.

The availability of Nvidia’s latest graphics card in the Geforce RTX 3000 series is also scarce, and once again mining received a clear boost at the same time as currencies increased in value. Cryptocurrencies buy large volumes of graphics cards directly from the factories, which contributes to the low volumes of cards that reach the store. It is now reported that the same large customers are also investing in laptops, due to a lack of loose cards.


It is the site Videocardz that has rooted out images from the Chinese forum Weibo, which show a large number of laptops Geforce RTX-labeled computers that are crowded on all sorts of shelves and in piles. Reportedly, the popularity of buying complete systems is on the rise, as a result of Nvidia’s competent RTX 3000 card entering the mobile sphere.

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The most popular type of computer is said to have the Geforce RTX 3070 under the hood. When unveiling the cards adapted for portable systems, Nvidia also presented approximate price levels and the RTX 3070 class was awarded the target price of USD 1,300. The approximate price for RTX 3080 systems is instead USD 1,999, but what the large customers pay in reality can only be speculated.

Videocardz predicts that the new phenomenon in combination with the Chinese New Year may stifle the availability of gaming computers with the latest cutting-edge graphics hardware under the hood. Whether prices and supply in the Swedish market will be shaken in the near future remains to be seen.

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