Lennar, the world’s largest estate of houses printed in 3D

Lennar, the world's largest estate of houses printed in 3D

Icon has just announced a partnership with BIjarke Ingels Group to kick off the Lennar project to provide the world with “the world’s largest 3D-printed housing estate”. It’s going to be built in Austin, Texas, but where exactly? We don’t know that.

The Lennar Project will be the largest of its kind in the world

The project is to start in 2022, and it is then that we will probably learn more details, including the most important one, i.e. the price of individual houses (earlier Icon houses printed in 3D cost $ 450,000). At the moment, however, we do not know anything about the dimensions, number and type of rooms, because Icon only said that they will be single-family two-story houses, the roofs of which will be decorated with solar panels.

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Designed as a diverse collection of contemporary living spaces, the homes will adopt a variety of distinctive spatial concepts. The design approach modernizes the aesthetics of a suburban home, while 3D printing technology texturizes and provides distinctive touch points for each space. The freedom of form provided by this building technology combines with traditional construction materials to create homes that are both aesthetically and physically unique

– says the Icon company.

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The construction process itself will be very similar to other 3D-printed projects and will involve a huge Vulcan 3D printer that spouts a cement-like mixture “layer by layer” from its nozzle to create the basic structure of any home, mainly walls. After that, people will be challenged to create a roof, insert windows, doors and finish everything.

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