Linzhi Phoenix Miner 2600mh 8 GB Mining: Hashrate | Profit ($100)| Ethereum (Best)

Linzhi Phoenix Miner 2600mh 8 GB Mining Hashrate

Linzhi Phoenix Miner 2600mh 8 GB Mining: Hashrate | Profit ($100)| Ethereum (Best) / Is it good for mining/ Profitability/ Power Supply(watt) – Linzhi Phoenix Miner 2600mh 8 GB 4G is a new ASIC for Ethereum mining

Linzhi Phoenix Miner 2600mh 8 GB 4G is a unique miner using the Ethash algorithm. It comes with a high power consumption of 3500W! But it also mines, sorry, much better than other ASICs!

Linzhi Phoenix Miner 2600mh 8 GB Mining Hashrate
Linzhi Phoenix Miner 2600mh 8 GB Mining Hashrate
  • The miner comes with a hash rate of 2600 MH/s and Ethereum is the best coin to mine with this device!

With this ASIC, you can mine a total of 31 coins. Released in December 2020, this miner has some interesting features that I will describe in this article.

Linzhi Phoenix is a unique miner for a small company based in Shenzhen, China. Although this is their first miner, the manufacturer plans to launch another unit in the coming weeks, well, the demand is high!

Asik Linzhi Phoenix Miner 2600mh 8 GB 4G is a newcomer to the mining market

asic Linzhi Phoenix Miner 2600mh
ASIC Linzhi Phoenix Miner 2600mh can make about $100 per day!!!

The price is almost a million rubles for this ASIC …., but the profit from it is somewhere around 220,000 rubles a month, which is decent … .., but here you need to subtract the cost of electricity from this amount.

Payback is likely to be less than a year, maybe half a year, maybe 4 months if you have free electricity but it is necessary to calculate everything in the most detailed way.

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The above device comes with 4.4G ETH memory, which is a significant improvement over other miners.

Since the miner is new to the market, there are no mining pools to join yet.

  • I think that over time, miners will use mining pools such as Ethermine, F2Pool and others. Joining a mining pool helps increase the chances of further cryptocurrency mining.

Previously, Linzhi Phoenix ASIC Miner was sold only by, but now this ASIC is also available on Ali Express! Soon it will be available on Yandex.Market.

There are a lot of ASICs on the Market, but what surprises me is that not a single one is for sale! Are they really sold out so quickly, although some asics cost 2 lyamas for a lyama, but just look at what is happening with asics on Yandex.Market ….!!!!! Of course, I hope that new ASICs will be brought to the warehouses soon and at least some will appear on sale …

Linzhi Phoenix 4G miner algorithm

This ASIC uses the Ethash algorithm, which is synonymous with Ethereum mining. Current market data shows that Poolin ETH and Hiveon ETH are the most profitable coins. Other profitable coins under the Ethash algorithm include NH Ethash and SPARK ETH. Ethash has a reputation for being fast and stable.

4G Efficiency Linzhi Phoenix

This miner has a high level of efficiency as it has an output of 7 J/Minh. High efficiency is the result of huge power.

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It has a maximum power consumption of 3500W like emae welding machinewhich is a great indicator for Ethereum mining.

  • High energy consumption can lead to high electricity bills. The manufacturer wants to go all-in when it comes to optimal performance.

ASIC Linzhi Phoenix hashing speed is 2600 MH/s!

Asik Linzhi Phoenix Miner
Linzhi Phoenix Miner

It has a hash rate of 2600 MH which is pretty significant in the Ethereum mining world. Only a few other miners had the ability to have this hash rate. Greater speed provides faster and safer mining.

Thanks to the high hash rate, miners mine Ethereum and other coins faster than other miners.

Humidity and temperature settings

The minimum humidity is 5 percent and the maximum humidity is 95 percent as allowed by the manufacturer.

In terms of temperature, you get an ASIC that can operate at temperatures as low as 5 degrees Celsius. The maximum is 45 degrees Celsius, in accordance with acceptable room temperature levels.

  • Any temperature above this will result in overheating. This will damage the ASIC and shorten the life of the device.

Noise levels

The ASIC has 80 decibels of noise, which is pretty interesting. With these noise levels, you can use it for large scale Ethereum mining.

You don’t have to worry about noise complaints even in an office building. Noise levels are acceptable and ideal for home ether mining.

Profitability Linzhi Phoenix 2600MH

Since the miner was released very recently, expect it to be more profitable than most Ethereum miners. Be aware of market conditions when mining cryptocurrencies and take advantage of the situation!

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asic linzhi phoenix is ​​the best
asic Linzhi Phoenix is ​​the best for Ethereum mining in 2021!

Warranty for Linzhi Phoenix 2600Mh

Asik comes with a 180-day manufacturer’s warranty.

Specifications ASIC Linzhi Phoenix Miner 2600mh 8 GB 4G:

  1. Producer – Linzhi Phoenix;
  2. Model – Linzhi Phoenix 2600 MH;
  3. Release – December 2020;
  4. Size – 360 mm * 136 mm * 282 mm;
  5. Weight – 7000 g;
  6. Noise level – 80 dB;
  7. Fans – 4;
  8. Power – 3500 W;
  9. Voltage – 12V 220-110V AC;
  10. Interface – Ethernet;
  11. Temperature – 5 – 45 ° C.


The company is proud to present us the latest and most powerful Ethash asic miner on the market in 2020!

  • After 2 years of development, Linzhi Phoenix ASICs finally began to sell. This is a modern architecture that will give you the most profitable performance on the market.

An eth asic miner can achieve hash rates of over 2600 MH/s while consuming only 3000 watts per hour! Read also about asics l3 + and S9.

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