ASIC FusionSilicon X7 Mining: Hashrate | Profitability ($ 6) | Dash Coin

ASIC FusionSilicon X7 Mining Hashrate

ASIC FusionSilicon X7 Mining: Hashrate | Profitability ($ 6) | Dash coin/ Is it good for mining/ Profitability/ Power Supply(watt) FusionSilicon X7 is an X11 Dash cryptocurrency miner released by FusionSilicon in early 2019. The price of this ASIC is about 130,000 rubles. On Ali, it costs 134 thousand rubles. along with BP.

ASIC FusionSilicon X7 – profitability of about $ 6 per day

  • Dash is an anonymous altcoin that allows instant, anonymous payments over a network of distributed master nodes.

The total amount of Dash is about $9.46 million and it will be depleted by the year 2300. The current hash rate of Dash is around 4.77 P.

Dash is issued every 2.5 minutes, and about 550 blocks are created every day. Among the block rewards, the worker accounts for 45% and the Dash budget process accounts for 10%.

Dash coins take a more gradual approach than Bitcoin’s halving system, though the end goal is the same.

Dash block reward decreases by approximately 7.14 percent every 383 days. The block fee is around 2.89 Dash.

ASIC FusionSilicon X7 – appearance, design

FusionSilicon X7 Miner
FusionSilicon X7 Miner – release date March 2019

The ASIC comes with a standard single cylinder dual fan design. Frame Fusionsilicon X7 made using brushed aluminum alloy technology.

  • The advantage of a single cylinder is the smaller size. However, this design results in the need for an external power cord.
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The control panel contains an IP button, an Ethernet interface, a reset button, and status indicators. During cryptocurrency mining asik FusionSilicon X7 emits an attractive combination of light.

It glows blue during normal mining, which shines well at night. At a distance, the network and status indicator shows a purple color effect.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications
Technical specifications

Asik FusionSilicon X7 has a hash rate of 262 Gh / s, consumes 1420 W of power with an overall energy efficiency ratio of 1G / 5.42W. FusionSilicon X7 has three hash boards with a total capacity of 63 x 22 nm chips.

  • Each of the three hash boards requires a 6-pin power supply. The size of the miner is 340 x 130 x 198 mm and it weighs 4.8 kg.

It comes with a 22nm Application Specific Chip (ASIC). The power consumption factor of the device is 5.35W/G (1422.6/266).

The solder joints at the joint are rounded. Scratches are prevented by pads between the body and dashboard.

A total of 10 6-pin power cables are required to power the control board. The main problem with асиком FusionSilicon X7 is that the power interface is not designed to prevent misconnection. Users should pay attention to polarity.

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Closest competitors
ASIC’s closest competitors

FusionSilicon X7 works with the X11 algorithm. This is a cryptocurrency mining algorithm that uses about 11 different hash functions.

X11 is a well-known algorithm due to its energy efficiency when mining cryptocoins using a home mining farm. The X11 algorithm is more complex than the SHA-256 algorithm.

Setup and interface

Asik FusionSilicon X7 similar to FusionSilicon X1 device. FusionSilicon X7 setup:

  1. Plug in the control board power cords
  2. Insert network cable
  3. Power on the device
  4. Miner IP address search
  5. Enter the miner’s IP address in the browser
  6. Enter the password “Fusion” to access the configuration page.
    Save and apply to complete the setup and start mining crypto coins.

The Mining Status page of FusionSilicon X7 is simple. The “Reboot” button quickly restarts the device. Information such as real-time hash rate, uptime, and data received by the pool are clearly visible.

The top shows the hash rates of the three hash boards. The main menus are Configuration, Network, System and Miner.

The FusionSilicon X7 device is equipped with a control board with Linux kernel version 4.9.69, and the built-in mining software is Cgminer version 1.0.19.

Fusionsilicon-x7 - interface
Fusionsilicon-x7 – interface


Like all miners, you can make a profit depending on the cost of electricity in a given area. In addition, electricity tariffs can have a huge impact on profitability!

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But there are, as you know, special profitability calculators for each ASIC model. So, if we calculate everything and take the average tariff for electricity, we will get an income of about 6 dollars a day. But this is approximately, you may have completely different numbers. Payback in principle is standard – about a year.

  1. What mines – Dash cryptocurrency
  2. Release date – March 2019
  3. Has 3 hash boards, each with 3 6-pin connectors
  4. Interface – Ethernet
  5. NO connector for firmware! (the main difference from other ASICs)
  6. Hash Algorithm – X11
  7. Productivity – 262 GH / s
  8. Power consumption – 1300 W
  9. Cooling system – 2 coolers, 120 mm (speed 6000 rpm)
  10. Noise level – 75 dB
  11. Weight – 4.8 kg

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