Asik t2t (Innosilicon T2T) 30Th Mining: Hashrate |Profitability | Specs | Is It Good For Mining?

Asik t2t Innosilicon T2T 30Th Mining Hashrate

Asik t2t (Innosilicon T2T) 30Th Mining: Hashrate | Profitability | Specification| Is It Good For Mining? –Asik t2t (Innosilicon T2T) 30Th (Terminator T2-Turbo) is a bitcoin (BTC) miner sold by ECOS cloud mining company. Profitability is about 800 rubles per day ($11).

Asik t2t (Innosilicon T2T) 30Th
Asik t2t (Innosilicon T2T) 30Th
  • This ASIC is known to be well engineered, durable and efficient, manufactured by Innosilicon.

Innosilicon is a global multi-service manufacturer of ASICs and IPs. The company is fully dedicated to producing the world’s best advanced technology.

The corporation has a high-quality production of ASICs based on technologies from 55 nm to 5 nm. The company is still committed to producing the best chip solutions to exceed market expectations and make history with its innovation!

  • Miner Asik t2t (Innosilicon T2T) 30 TH/s, also known as T2T-30T, is capable of mining bitcoins with a maximum hash rate of 30 TH/s, with a power consumption of 2200 watts, making it a very profitable miner for its users.
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It has 210-240V AC input and Ethernet network connection, making it very light and easy to operate. This device is highly recommended for profitable bitcoin mining. The price of this ASIC is 130,000 rubles.

Asik t2t
Asik t2t – Price

Specifications Asik t2t (Innosilicon T2T):

  1. Manufacturer – Innosilicon;
  2. Year of issue – August 2018;
  3. Model – T2 Turbo 30T (also known as T2 turbo 30T (T2T-30T);
  4. Hash rate — 30s/s (+/-5%);
  5. Dimensions – 422mm x 142mm x 213mm;
  6. Weight – 9, 49 kg;
  7. Material – metal;
  8. Chip manufacturing process – 10 nm;
  9. Noise level – 72 dB;
  10. Fans – 2;
  11. Power consumption – 2200 W ( +/- 10%, normal mode, on the bench, power supply efficiency: 93%, temperature: 25 ° C);
  12. Voltage – 12 V;
  13. Network connection – ethernet;
  14. The permissible ambient temperature range is from 0°C to 40°C;
  15. Humidity – 5 – 95%.
Innosilicon T2T
Innosilicon T2T

Innosilicon T2T – 30T has four modes of operation:

Asik t2t (Innosilicon T2T) 30Th - yield, price, characteristicsThis is a device with a power of more than 2000W, so users must have an AC cable with a specification of 3 * 2.0, with three-wire cores with a diameter of no more than 2.0mm.

The power supply requires a standard IEC C14 AC power cord. 10A AC cable is recommended to use to ensure proper working condition.

  • Before operation, make sure the device is in proper cooling and dust-free conditions to avoid damage.
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Conclusion – general impressions of asik

Asik t2t Innosilicon t2t
Asik t2t Innosilicon t2t

The ASIC in question was developed by Innosilicon together with Samsung, so the integrated circuits are made using the 7nm process technology.

The devices turned out to be really very high quality. There are many confirmations and positive reviews on foreign forums and websites. Read also about the new ASIC Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro 110 TH/s!

  • Innosilicon T2-Turbo ASIC cases are basically no different from the cases that Bitmain Corporation uses.

This is a classic case made of high quality aluminum alloy with two fans on the front and back. Also installed is a bulky and very heavy control unit, a network controller and a department with connectors.

  • It is worth noting that T2 Turbo power supplies are part of the entire ASIC design, which is good news, because you don’t need to buy an additional separate PSU, like l3 ASICs, for example. This greatly saves space and money (a 2000 W PSU costs decently).
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Well, I think that the INNOSILICON T2T-30T SHA256 miner is another stable, efficient and durable ASIC from Innosilicon Corporation, the industry leader in all crypto mining systems.

It will continue to provide reliable performance for efficient and profitable cryptocurrency mining now and into the future. Read also about ASIC S9.

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