Media: Biden received a slap from the Saudis and caused a wave of indignation in the United States

MOSCOW, 17 Oct — PRIME. Saudi Arabia’s two-million-bpd cut in oil production has offended US President Joe Biden, The Hill reported.

Biden does not intend to meet with the Saudi crown prince at the G20 summit

According to journalists, “this is a slap in the face for Biden”, because his visit to the Arabian Peninsula had a clear goal – to convince the country to increase oil production, which would minimize the negative effect of anti-Russian sanctions that the West faced. In particular, Biden hoped that a positive result from the trip would help reduce fuel prices in the United States, the authors of the material say.

The Hill also noted that the actions of OPEC + made members of Congress outraged and shocked the White House, where they began to call for a review of relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia. Soon the administration of the American president may take new measures against the country. These include stopping the supply of weapons and stopping the maintenance of equipment in circulation with the Saudi army.

The US military bases located on the territory of the UAE and Saudi Arabia have a contingent of up to several thousand people. In addition, the States are training the armed forces of these two countries on their territory. Every year, about 600-800 military personnel of each state visit the United States for this purpose.

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Earlier, the OPEC+ alliance decided to cut oil production by two million barrels per day from November, while it took production levels agreed for August as a baseline. This decision in the alliance was explained by the presence of uncertainties around the global economy and in forecasts for the oil market. The decision to reduce production was supported by all members of the alliance, despite the energy crisis that has overwhelmed Europe and the increase in energy prices in other parts of the world.

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