Media: German police began to find out the details of the explosions at Nord Stream

BERLIN, 9 Oct – PRIME. The German police and navy have launched a reconnaissance mission to clarify the circumstances of the explosion on the Nord Stream pipelines, the German news portal Tagesschau reported, citing a letter from the Defense Ministry to the Bundestag Defense Committee.

Media: gas leak at Nord Stream 2 reached 70 tons per hour

The document was at the disposal of the German broadcasting companies WDR and NDR.

According to the letter, Federal Police President Dieter Romann last week submitted a request for administrative assistance to the Bundeswehr “to assist in obtaining a situational report on the damage to the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines in the Baltic Sea.” After the Federal Department of Defense “ascertained the capabilities of the Navy available for this purpose and considered them from a legal point of view,” the request was approved.

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“The German Federal Police, with the help of divers and special technologies, is investigating explosions on the Nord Stream pipelines. Two Bundeswehr ships are in the Baltic Sea to conduct a reconnaissance operation,” the publication noted.

According to media reports, last Friday, two ships of the German navy, the minesweeper “Dillingen” and the multi-purpose vessel “Mittelgrund”, set off from the bases of the cities of Kiel and Eckernförde to the pipelines. On board the ship are divers from the German Federal Police, who are supposed to photograph damage to pipelines near the Danish island of Bornholm, the publication explained.

With reference to the Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann, it is also reported that the German Federal Prosecutor’s Office is currently studying the need to start an investigation of a criminal offense, since it could be an unconstitutional sabotage with consequences for Germany.

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