Media: Rosreestr will develop a service for checking extracts from the USRN using a QR code

MOSCOW, 12 Oct — PRIME. Rosreestr will develop a digital service that allows you to check the authenticity of an extract from the Unified State Real Estate Register (EGRN) before a transaction using a QR code, the service is planned to be launched in 2023, the Vedomosti newspaper writes.

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“Rosreestr is developing a digital service that will allow checking data from the Unified State Register of Real Estate (EGRN) before transactions using a QR code. Information from the EGRN became closed after the adoption of amendments to the law “On Personal Data” in July this year. The QR check was told to Vedomosti by a federal official. The information was confirmed by the head of the digital transformation of Rosreestr Elena Martynova. The service is scheduled to be launched in 2023,” the report says.

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According to the newspaper, we are talking about verifying the authenticity of extracts from the USRN, which are received by property owners. The extract confirms the rights to an apartment, house or land. It contains the cadastral number of the object, address, area, purpose, number of storeys, date of commissioning. In addition, the document contains information about the owner, arrests and encumbrances of the object.

When the service is launched, a QR code will appear on the statements, when you point the camera at it, a typical scanning program will open a link to the Rosreestr website, the newspaper writes.

As the newspaper notes, earlier any person – both the buyer and his representatives (lawyers, realtors) – could order an extract from the USRN and find out who owns the property. But in accordance with the amendments to the law “On Personal Data”, from March 2023 information from the USRN will be closed to third parties, with the exception of spouses, heirs, tenants, notaries, cadastral engineers and representatives of state institutions. The property owner will still have the right to leave his personal data available to third parties, but this will require an application to Rosreestr.

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It is noted that the tool of Rosreestr will give the buyer the opportunity to see in real time whether an extract was issued and whether the characteristics of the object correspond to those indicated in it. A similar service was previously introduced by the Federal Notary Chamber, on whose website you can check the validity of a power of attorney using a QR code.

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