Megafon launched the possibility of regular calls via Wi-Fi throughout Russia

MOSCOW, 6 Sep — PRIME. MegaFon has launched a federal VoWiFi network, the operator’s customers will be able to receive regular voice calls via Wi-Fi in places with a weak network signal, and any Wi‑Fi‑router can be used as a base station, the company said.

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MegaFon… has introduced equipment for Voice over WiFi technology (VoWiFi – ed.) in all regions of the country. With its help, subscribers can make and receive regular voice calls over Wi-Fi wherever the penetration of a cellular network signal is difficult … The technology allows you to use any Wi-Fi router with Internet access as a base station and improves the quality of a voice call for a subscriber, “- the message says.

MegaFon recalled that the deployment of the network began in 2020, within two years the new technology became available not only to residents of Moscow, but also to other regions of Russia. According to Alexei Titov, technical director of MegaFon, the network is built in such a way that the smartphone automatically selects the best wireless communication technology depending on the location.

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“This can be a familiar voice connection, a connection using mobile Internet in VoLTE, or, if the subscriber is in a place that is difficult to reach for a cellular signal, VoWiFi. This allows our subscribers not to miss important calls and always stay in touch,” he explained.

It is specified that the new technology works on more than 450 smartphone models, including Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei. In addition, calls via VoWiFi will not require additional costs, used minutes are spent from tariff packages.

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