Mining on RTX 3050: 2023 Hashrate | overclocking | Profitability

Mining on RTX 3050. Hashrate, overclocking, profitability, consumption.  How much does 3050 mine?

Mining on RTX 3050: 2023 Hashrate | overclocking | Profitability – Let’s take a look at the latest RTX 3050 mining model from Nvidia. This is the lowest card in this series of video cards and it is LHR. Let’s consider it in mining ETC, ETHW. If you have not yet decided on a pool for mining ether, we recommend the Binance pool. You can register using this link.

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RTX 3050 Specifications

DesignationRTX 3050
Technical process, nm8
Transistors, million12000
Core frequency, MHz1550-1780
Shader blocks2560
RT cores20
Memory operating frequency (DDR), MHz1750 (14000)
Memory bus128-bit GDDR6
PSP, GB/s224
InterfacePCI-E 3.0
Characteristics of RTX 3050 in mining

3050 hashrate and consumption. Mining on RTX 3050

How much does 3050 mine?

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The hashrate of the 3050 on the Ethash algorithm is 16.99 MH/s with a consumption of 99 watts. This is an indicator with overclocking and without unlocking. Read how to mine ETC and how to mine ETHW on the website.

At the beginning of 2022, mining on the 3050 is supported only by LolMiner and GMiner. On GMiner the unlock rate is approximately 58%. When the card is at least 75% unlocked, we will most likely see a much better result of 22 Mh/s. With 100% unlocking, the hashrate should be 31 Mh/s.

How to bypass LHR is described on our website.

You can see the profitability of video cards in mining, as well as the payback of video cards in mining, in our table.

RTX 3050 profitability

Profitability depends on the coin and the exchange rate. Constantly changing.

You can use the Wattumine service to calculate the exact profitability at the time of calculation.

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For mining on an RTX 3050 graphics card, we recommend Binance Pool. Registration link (lifetime 5% cashback on commissions). As well as the HiveOS operating system (hive os setup). Link to register Hive OS (with the promotional code InsidePC you get $10 to your account).

If you have questions about mining, we recommend you to the cryptocurrency mining section.

Overclocking and setting up the RTX 3050 for mining

Overclocking the 3050 for mining ETH and ETHW using the Ethash algorithm. We leave the core frequency unchanged, raise the memory frequency to +1400 MHz. Power Limit 80%.

For overclocking, we recommend using MSI Afterburne. If you mine on Rave OS or Hive OS, read how to overclock video cards on these systems using the links.

Overclocking the 3050 for mining in Hive OS is as follows, core 1740 Mhz, memory 2800 Mhz.

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