Ministry of Internal Affairs of Latvia “at a dead end”, there is nothing to pay for electricity in October, the minister said

MOSCOW, 7 Sep — PRIME. The Ministry of the Interior of Latvia is “in a deadlock” because it will have nothing to pay for the increased electricity bills in October, Minister Kristaps Eklons said on Tuesday.

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“In October, there will be nothing to pay electricity bills. We are at an impasse,” the LETA agency quoted the minister as saying.

According to Eklons, there are two possible solutions: either redistribute funding intended for the purchase of equipment for departments controlled by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, or contact the Minister of Finance and ask for additional funds. He noted that “the Ministry of Internal Affairs has already done a great job to save energy resources, but the infrastructure in the objects of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is so outdated that the ministry will be forced not to fulfill the tasks of saving energy consumption.”

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Earlier, the Latvian Ministry of Defense reported that it was developing large-scale savings measures in the defense sector, “starting with heating, electricity and ending with repair work”, the country’s Foreign Ministry also stated that they were preparing for energy saving measures, such as reducing the illumination of the building and territory, reducing heating temperature during non-working hours, turning off electrical appliances and lighting when they are not needed, reducing hot water circulation during non-working hours, monitoring the operation of the ventilation system.

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