Moldovagaz paid Gazprom an advance for gas delivered in August

CHISINAU, 30 Aug – PRIME. Moldovagaz transferred to Gazprom the full payment for natural gas supplied in the first half of August, Vadim Cheban, head of the enterprise, said on Tuesday.

Moldova insists on deferring payments from Moldovagaz to Gazprom

“I would like to inform you that today JSC Moldovagaz transferred PJSC Gazprom in full payment for natural gas supplied in the first half of August 2022. This is 16.74 million US dollars, that is, 50% of the advance payment for consumption in the current month. This became possible thanks to yesterday’s decision of the Commission for Emergency Situations, according to which Energocom JSC will purchase 10 million cubic meters of gas from Moldovagaz JSC,” he said.

Earlier, the Commission for Emergency Situations (ECS) of Moldova ordered to allocate 16 million dollars from the state budget so that the state enterprise Energocom would buy 10 million cubic meters of gas from the Moldovagaz company to be stored for the winter.

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Moldovagaz delayed payments to Gazprom several times and received warnings from it. She resorted to such actions of a sharp increase in gas prices and the desire of the Moldovan authorities to contain tariffs for the population.

In August, the company applied to Gazprom with a request to defer advance payments for August and September until the end of the year.

Gazprom stated that it had exceptionally postponed the payment of the advance payment for Moldovagaz until September 1, but expects that in the future the Moldovan side will unconditionally fulfill its contractual obligations.