Moldovan opposition to come to Moscow to discuss gas prices

CHISINAU, Sep 16 – PRIME. Deputies of the Moldovan opposition party “Shor” intend to visit Moscow again to agree on gas prices. Ilan Shor, chairman of the party, spoke about this.

Moldova decided to buy gas through direct negotiations on the markets

“Next week, the deputies of the Shor party faction will again fly to Moscow for negotiations on this issue,” he wrote in one of the social networks.

In early September, the deputies already met in the Russian capital with Leonid Slutsky, chairman of the State Duma committee on international affairs. The parties discussed trade and economic cooperation between Russia and the Orhei region of Moldova, which is headed by representatives of the Shor party. As reported, Slutsky offered to meet again and discuss whether Russia would be able to supply gas to the Orhei region at a special price.

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In addition, the Moldovan deputies intend to discuss in Moscow the opening of a market for Moldovan vegetables and fruits.

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Romania is looking for solutions for gas supplies to Moldova

In May, anti-government rallies swept Moldova. The protesters opposed the increase in gas and food prices, and were also indignant at rising inflation and falling living standards in the country.

In early August, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Infrastructure of the Republic Andrei Spinu stated that Moldova would not ask Russia for cheap gas and would not make concessions to Moscow. Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilitsa also refused to negotiate the price of gas.

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