Named countries that delay EU sanctions against Russia

MOSCOW, 3 Oct — PRIME. Four countries opposed the introduction of a new package of sanctions against Russia by the European Union at once, writes Politico.

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In addition to Hungary, which expectedly opposed the introduction of an “oil ceiling” on energy exports from Russia, Cyprus, Greece and Malta also spoke out.

The publication notes that the coordination and introduction of new EU sanctions against Moscow may be delayed. According to sources in the diplomatic circles of Europe, restrictions on oil prices from the Russian Federation require special conditions.

It is noted that it is the introduction of a ceiling on prices for Russian oil that should become the main limitation of the new block of sanctions by the European Union. But a number of countries were not ready to support this proposal. Among them are Hungary, Cyprus, Greece and Malta.

It is added that when making foreign policy decisions, each member state of the European Union has the right to veto: it makes it possible to single-handedly block the adoption of new sanctions.

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Hungary insists on obtaining special conditions for the purchase of energy resources. The country wants permission to re-export to neighboring countries in the region the oil that Budapest continues to buy and receive through the pipeline thanks to an exemption from the last package of sanctions.

However, the European Commission and other EU countries are concerned that Hungary is thereby gaining an unfair advantage in the single energy market.

Earlier, the politicians of the EU countries said they were working on new measures against Russia. Within a few weeks, they plan to conclude an agreement to install an “oil ceiling”.

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