New Brave browser function: Give BAT cryptocurrency to makers on Reddit and Vimeo

New Brave browser function: Give BAT cryptocurrency to makers on Reddit and Vimeo

The Brave browser has another cool, new function. You can now also hand out tips to users and posters on Reddit and Vimeo.

Focus on privacy

And why is this on a cryptocurrency news site? Because those tips are paid out in BAT tokens. Brave browser is an internet browser with a focus on privacy. The goal is to give users more control over their own data. The browser belongs to the family of cryptocurrency Basic Attention Token (BAT). With these tokens you can tip your favorite content creators.

With the browser you could already hand out rewards on different channels. Twitter, YouTube and Twitch have already been supported. Also this website, is supported by Brave browser (operation: help us through the crypto winter is almost complete).

A user on Reddit found out that a button has been added to Brave, with which you can tip on Reddit. Another user added that he saw the same for Vimeo.

No more passive consumption

Brave focuses on privacy online. The browser blocks advertisements and trackers by default. When the browser is started, you will also see these statistics: how many advertisements have been blocked and how much time you have saved.

Content creators earn virtually nothing with online advertisements through Brave. Brave offers a new model that allows users to actively and directly send writers, graphic designers and video makers if they think the content is worth it. This takes a little more effort for the user, but you get something in return. The browser and the websites you visit do not store any personal information and data to analyze your surfing behavior.

According to CoinMarketcap, BAT is in the top 30 of coins with the highest value. The coin can be traded on various stock exchanges such as Binance. Do you want BAT tokens? Then buy bitcoin or ether and send it to your favorite purse.

69 times faster

Another news about Brave, the built-in adblocker has been rewritten in programming language Rust. The makers of the browser say that web requests are now processed 69 times faster. The rewritten adblocker quickly becomes available for the normal version. For the time being it is still being tested.

The Brave browser is a project by Brendan Eich, former director of Mozilla and the creator of JavaScript.