NVIDIA and partners are preparing new discounts for GeForce RTX 3000 cards

NVIDIA and partners are preparing new discounts for GeForce RTX 3000 cards

NVIDIA’s financial results will be made public in the next few days but the company has already anticipated that the results obtained in the second quarter of its fiscal year 2023, which covers the period from May to July 2022, is lower than initial estimates due to lower than expected demand. for their gaming solutions of the GeForce family.

Consequently, a pushed commercial policy with price cuts from NVIDIA and partners is expected, so as to cope with the drop in demand and in this way be able to empty the warehouses of unsold cards. We have already seen these dynamics put in place in recent weeks but new ones should be implemented by the end of August and September.

In fact, indiscretions from Asia speak of further price reductions, without however specifying its scope in detail. Whether they are permanent cuts or specific commercial initiatives of limited duration is also yet to be evaluated, also because a lot will depend on when NVIDIA will make available the first next generation video cards of the GeForce RTX 4000 familybelonging to the family There’s Lovelace.

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Before launching the new cards, however, it is necessary that the warehouse stocks run out, especially as regards the top proposals: these will in fact be the first to debut on the market with the new architecture. And in fact it was the higher-end GeForce RTX 3000 cards that saw the most substantial price reduction in recent weeks.

It is more difficult to assume substantial reductions in the prices of mid-range NVIDIA video cardsas the new GeForce RTX 4000 proposals for this market segment will arrive on the market only in several months: there is therefore no need to reduce the stock now in stock to zero, giving up part of the margins with more aggressive prices.