NVidia GTX 1070 Mining Hashrate – Specification |Payback | Profitability

NVidia GTX 1070 Mining Hashrate - Specification Payback Profitability

NVidia GTX 1070 Mining – Today, with the help of the GTX 1070 card, you can make productive trusses for mining, because it is considered one of the most beneficial for dual mining, although it is actually intended for PC users to run games on their highest graphics settings.

NVidia GTX 1070 mining

To find out what you can expect when buying this device, you need to read this performance review in mining cryptocurrency.

Specifications NVidia GTX 1070

Process technology (µm)0.016
Transistors (million)7200
Core frequency1503–1683
Memory Frequency (DDR)2000 (8000)
Bus and memory type256-bit GDDR5
PSP (Gb / s)256
Unified Shader Blocks1920
Frequency of unified shader units1503–1683
TMU on the conveyor120
Shaders model5.0
Directx12 (12_1)
InterfacePCI-E 3.0

Algorithm performance – NVidia GTX 1070 mining

Algorithm performance - NVidia GTX 1070 mining

If we consider Scrypt on Nvidia, then it’s best to take into account the hashrate on different settings of the video card. On average, this figure ranges from 30 to 32 MHS / sec. At the same time, the card warms up to a maximum of 69 degrees, and the fan works at 45% of its power, so it is quite possible to be near such a farm, because it does not produce too many sounds and does not heat the room.

Ethereum mining

At 1070, the most popular currency today is Ethereum, because it allows you to make the most money, and most of the performance tests for mining cards are designed specifically for it.

The review of miners for Ethereum and their setting is discussed in detail here.

ZCash mining

Mining on the Nvidia GTX video card is an excellent option for making money, because even without overclocking, it gives a result of 445 Sol / sec, and if you take into account overclocking, it increases to 475 Sol / sec. That is why this currency is the second most popular for getting on this video card. Read more about mining ZCash here.

Dual mining

This operation is now common among video card owners, as it allows them to make additional profits from the device. Here it is quite possible, so the optimal solution can be the use of such bundles as:

  • Ethereum + Decred. From it you can get 31.8 MHS / sec + 157 MHS / sec for 70% card performance,
  • Ethereum + SiaCoin. With such a bundle, 31.7 MHS / sec + 317 MHS / sec is obtained also at 70% of the device performance.

Dual mining has several advantages and disadvantages. It is worth considering them in more detail. Benefits:

Dual mining has several advantages and disadvantages
  1. Mining on video cards of this type allows you to get a significant increase in the initial earnings on the electronic currency. It will be enough to cover the cost of electricity, if you use a farm of such cards.
  2. Even with the dual method of currency extraction, one can safely be near the farm of such cards, because the noise level does not exceed the human-friendly framework, and the room does not heat up too much.
  3. Due to relatively low loads during mining, the active use of such video cards is practically not reduced, because they are used under normal operating loads and are subject to warranty from the manufacturer.
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  1. Some cards are quite difficult to tune to this kind of mining, and not everyone wants to do this on their own.
  2. When using 2-3 cards, the financial result from increasing the load on the device is not too noticeable.

GTX 1070 from different manufacturers

Geforce GTX 1070 mining cards are great for those who have a remote farm or a separate room for devices, because in the process it produces quite a lot of noise. Nevertheless, this slight inconvenience pays off due to the fact that it has a high hashrate, which can differ significantly from cards from other manufacturers. Also worth noting is an efficient cooling system, which, in fact, produces so much noise. It is this 1070 8Gb that allows you to maintain a high level of device performance.

GTX 1070 from different manufacturers

If we talk about devices from PNY, then this manufacturer of video cards differs from its analogs in that it already has 3 fans instead of 2 standard ones, and an alternative cooling system is also present. As for the performance in mining, in this regard, the device also showed good results, so it can be safely used for mining. In the process, it also emits quite a lot of noise, but not as much as the previous model, so it can be used to create a home farm.

GTX 1070 Gaming X 8g is one of the most economical options for mining, because it combines all the advantages of productive machines and low maintenance cost, because it has relatively low power consumption at high power. The cooling system is also very efficient and virtually silent, so that even after overclocking, the device works quite efficiently.

KFA2 GeForce GTX 1070 is also a good option for mining, but you should always bear in mind that it has certain parameters, above which you should not climb overclocking. This is a very important condition for its effective use, which must be taken into account during the creation of the farm. As for power consumption, but in this parameter it is not too different from analogs, so it’s worth considering whether to install it as a base for a large farm, but it can be used on a single device for mining, because it gives a completely acceptable noise level .

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ASUS also produces this type of video card, and its version of this device is perhaps the most popular, because it is influenced by the familiar brand of the manufacturer, a high level of hashrate and a number of advantages. Among them, it is worth mentioning a plus, as a quiet and powerful cooling system, which allows you to create farms even at home without allocating a separate room for them. This card is more expensive than its competitors, but a small overpayment is worth high efficiency and the silence of its use.

Palit GTX 1070 Gamerock differs from similar solutions due to its properties that are acceptable for a gaming device, but not too suitable for mining, because its power consumption is 170 W, which is an average of 30 W more than its counterparts. Also, it is not very different in high performance. Her average is between the presented cards, but under the condition of increased energy consumption, such a card is best used at home on one device, and for the farm it is not very profitable. Nevertheless, the noise level here is low and quite acceptable for work.

Zotac Mini is well suited for mining, as it has a low noise level and a very reliable cooling system, which consists of 2 large fans for the entire device and tubes for cooling. Its dimensions are quite small, which is an advantage with high performance. This plus allows you to make a farm of small size, as well as not too much raise the temperature in the room due to a significant decrease in the heated area.

Overclocking card

Overclocking card

To overclock this card to the parameters necessary for mining, MSI Afterburner is used. This program is distributed through a free license, so you need not worry about its quality, you don’t need to look for broken versions on third-party questionable sources. Everything is available for download from the official site.

The user interface is very simple and clear even for beginners. The advantage is the fact that the program does not allow you to set conflicting parameters that could damage the device, and therefore automatically adjusts the indicators to the values ​​necessary for the user.

Despite this software approach to device security, the optimal acceleration of the GTX 1070 is determined for each card separately and is indicated on thematic forums or in the technical documentation for the device, because before that manufacturers didn’t really encourage such card operation, but today they allow a little overclocking account.

Payback Period GTX 1070

Payback Period GTX 1070

This indicator strongly depends on how the device will be used, but today this indicator ranges from a year to 17 months depending on the devices used and their configuration. This is one of the fastest payback options for installation, and you can use it for up to 5 years (in fact, more, but you should take into account the wear of parts and the obsolescence of technology, the average life of devices on one farm is 3 years, and then they replaced by new generations that are more productive and economical).

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After several years of work, it will be possible to sell devices for installation in a PC, and they will not lose much in price, so the first investment will not have to be repeated to restore your farm.

Competitors GTX 1070

The main competitors of this video card today are:

  • GTX 1080,
  • Radeon RX Vega 56,
  • Radeon RX Vega 64 Liquid Cooled Edition,
  • Radeon RX 580 8GB.

All these cards are not too different from 1070 in terms of cost, but each of them has its own characteristics in terms of technical characteristics. That is why before buying a card for mining it is worth considering these options.

Features of using the GTX 1070

GTX 1070 in mining is used to create efficient farms with a quick payback. Their owners prefer to purchase devices with low noise, the possibility of maximum acceleration and high hashrate.

It should be noted that even the most modern and high-quality representatives of this model range do not offer ideal solutions, so here everyone decides for himself what is more important to him – performance, noise level, power consumption or other characteristics.

NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1070 is perhaps the most popular among buyers, because it has a low noise level and a reliable cooling system.


Features of using the GTX 1070

Cards for mining in 2018 must be productive, high-quality and provide users with the opportunity to earn on them, so this type of device is well suited for obtaining currency.

Most of these devices have an acceptable level of noise, so that they can be installed even at home and create farms in separate home rooms. In addition, the noise level also depends on the efficiency of the cooling system, and in most of these cards not only fans are installed, but also cooling with tubes, which is very efficient.

Which option to choose for your own use, each person decides for himself, based on their own priorities and needs, so you should think carefully before making the final choice. Nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that the best solution would be to create a farm from identical devices, because they will work well together and produce quite expected results of their operation.

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