Nvidia May Fight RTX 3000 Shortage With GTX 1650

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Nvidia May Fight RTX 3000 Shortage With GTX 1650

Another video card from the past comes to the rescue?

Nvidia’s current woes of trying in vain to bring enough RTX 3000 graphics cards to market are well known and even documented by analytics companies, the manufacturer has already turned to older graphics cards for a workaround – and Nvidia’s approach continues to gain momentum, with a restart of the GTX 1650.

The information comes from China, namely Channel Gate, a well-known supplier of rumors, which claims that production of the GTX 1650 is ramping up to provide graphics cards to gamers in need of a wallet-friendly solution.

The company is expected to release more GPUs this month that power the Turing (TU117) series graphics cards, they will go into desktop graphics (not for mobile solutions used by laptops), which will increase the number of available GTX 1650s from May.

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In any case, this is the theory, and we warn you to trust the rumors. Also, it’s not clear if the proposed ramp-up will affect only the Asian market or if the solution is geared towards the whole world – although, of course, the RTX 3000 shortage is certainly a global problem, so the latter would make sense.


This is not an unprecedented decision, given that Nvidia has already relied on releasing a variety of graphics cards with the RTX 2060 as an alternative option for those who were disappointed with the unavailability of new Ampere models, surprising many with the return to the market of the GTX 1050 Ti – a graphics card that has ceased production for almost two years. years ago (it came from the pre-Turing generation, namely Pascal).

The GTX 1650 continues to be a go-to graphics card for gamers (as long as you’re playing at 1080p), as evidenced by the latest Steam hardware review, where the 1650 has gained significant market share (though not without the help of laptop graphics chips).

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Of course, Nvidia is in a difficult position right now, switching to the latest generation of GPUs will not be an ideal solution, but the argument is undeniable. After all, these cards are better than nothing. As Wccftech explains, currently, if you want to try to buy a GTX 1650, retailers will ask for about $400 (30000r + VAT). Apparently, the idea is to deal with the hefty price tags as an alternative to the Ampere by bringing the graphics card back into the budget segment where it should be sold.

As always, when discussing speculative stories, we should just wait and see if the new production is true or will remain gossip from the stream of rumors of the graphics market.

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