Peskov blamed Europe for the situation with Nord Stream

VLADIVOSTOK, 6 Sep — PRIME. Repair maintenance of the Nord Stream turbine is not carried out, the responsibility for the situation with the gas pipeline lies entirely with Europe, said Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation.

Nord Stream operation poses fire risk, Gazprom says

“There was a situation that, according to our technical regulations, is potentially dangerous for work,” Gazprom said about an oil leak. Service is needed, it is impossible. It is not performed. , but I want to emphasize again, we note with regret that the responsibility for this situation lies entirely with the European states and those states that have imposed sanctions against our country,” Peskov told reporters.

The sanctions imposed by the West against Russia have rendered inoperable the system for servicing turbine components and assemblies necessary for pumping gas through the Nord Stream, Peskov explained.

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“Gazprom has repeatedly confirmed its reliability as a guarantor of the energy security of the European continent, even in a broader context, but the sanctions imposed, namely the EU, the UK, the USA, Canada – they actually violated, made inoperative the maintenance system for turbine units and assemblies that ensure pumping “, he told reporters.

Gas pipeline construction

The expert revealed the impact of Nord Stream on the ruble

He added that there are also legal problems related to the operation of the sanctions, which require additional guarantees, which are not provided.

When asked whether Nord Stream could not resume work at all, Peskov said that the Russian side could not say how the repair work would be carried out, because sanctions prevented this.

“We cannot say how the repair work will be carried out, because sanctions prevent this,” Peskov told reporters.

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