Playtika has a new office in Warsaw. The developers of popular mobile games are looking for employees

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Developers of popular mobile games move to a new office in Warsaw. Playtika will continue to develop well-known titles there and is looking for employees.

Playtika with a new headquarters in Warsaw

Playtika has a branch in Poland since 2021. The company currently employs over 300 people who will find employment in a new office in the hybrid work mode. It is located in Browary Warszawskie and offers an area of ​​approximately 3,300 m2.

Playtika is recently known for games such as Bingo Blitz, Board Kings, Solitaire Grand Harvest and Redecor. We will play them on iOS and Android mobile devices, but also some titles can be played online from a web browser.

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The Playtika family in Warsaw has developed quickly and has become a multicultural center where professionals and talented developers not only from Poland, but from all over the world support Playtika® mission to provide entertainment in line with the slogan “Infinite Ways to Play.

The office in Warsaw will remain the main pillar of Playtika® experience and culture, valued as a place for learning, socialization and working together in a team. The opening of an office in Poland will further strengthen our knowledge and capabilities in the rapidly growing gaming industry

– says Shlomi Zizenber, Playtika’s COO.

In today’s world, we need a solid and strong element of stability and positive inspiration for the future. The new office in such a wonderful place as Browary Warszawskie, with a beautiful interior and all amenities, gives us positive energy, uniting all Playtika employees from the region, regardless of their country of origin. For me personally, this is another amazing experience that I am a part of. I am very lucky to work with such a great team

– adds Arik Sandler, vice president of business operations at Playtika.

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Playtika is looking for employees

In addition to the above-mentioned over 300 employees, new employees will also find a place in the new office. Currently, the company is looking for Java, JavaScript, PHP and Unity developers, as well as people for the R&D department, artists and a team leader.

Playtika currently employs nearly 400 people in 19 offices around the world. Its games are played by over 34 million users a month.

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