Poland will not agree to EU decisions to reduce coal production

WARSAW, Oct. 5 — PRIME. Poland will not agree to the European Union’s decision to cut coal production, Polish government spokesman Piotr Müller told reporters on Wednesday in Warsaw.

Poland stockpiled coal for “super harsh winter”

“We remember that Poland, unlike other countries of Western Europe, was prudent. We decided to build the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline, which transports Norwegian gas, for years we have urged Western countries, especially Germany, to take such diversification measures. If If any principles are created together at the level of the European Union, then they cannot in any way hit Poland, since Poland, unlike at least Germany, was prudent,” Muller said.

“So now Poland cannot lose on these decisions,” he added.

According to the representative of the Polish government, in terms of the use of energy, the EU countries should get more independence.

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“Issues related to energy policy should be resolved in such a way that each of the countries of the European Union has autonomy regarding the regulation of at least the energy mix, because each country has different starting positions. I remind you that Poland is very different from the countries of Western Europe, if only because that in Poland a significant part of electricity is produced from coal, and we will raise this topic and we are raising it now during conversations in the European Union,” he said.

“It cannot be that the European Union continues to limit coal production because this is one of the elements of ensuring energy security, and in Poland, in fact, energy security in the current state of affairs is based on coal reserves,” Muller concluded.

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