All Raptor Lake-S processors, i.e. the 13th-generation Intel Core, have leaked

What Processor do I have
What Processor do I have

Today, we learned virtually everything important about the successors to the Alder Lake-S series. We got to know all Raptor Lake-S processors, i.e. the 13th generation Intel Core.

Raptor Lake-S processors disclosed in an unofficial sizeable bundle of information

Raptor Lake-S processors, according to this unofficial information, will be divided into three segments in terms of TDP – 125 watts, 65 W and 32 W, and will have the traditional distribution of the Core i9, i7, i5, i3 and Pentium series. At least that’s what our source today, AdoredTV’s YouTube channel, goes even further, revealing details on cores and timings.

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As successors to Alder Lake, Intel Raptor Lake processors are to debut in Q4 2022, use the same Intel 7 (10 nm) manufacturing process and combine the more efficient Raptor Cove cores with energy-efficient Gracemont and the same platform, but with complete dedication to DDR5, by boosting the native supported clock speed from 4800 to 5600 MHz.

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Above you can take a look at the detailed list (remember, these are only unconfirmed rumors) that confirms previous reports on core decay, indicating that we will only see an increase in the number of only these energy-saving cores. This will translate into a whole 8 Gracemont cores more, which with the i9 will raise the number of threads from 24 available in Alder Lake to 32. The layout will remain unchanged.

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According to this leak, Intel will also try to increase the IPC, L2 cache and general clock speeds, which in Turbo mode will be raised to up to 5.5 GHz from 5.3 GH the maximum available in Alder Lake-s.