PS5 vs Xbox Series X vs PC: Which is Best? – A Very Tough Decision Among Gamers

PS5 vs Xbox Series X vs PC: Qual è la migliore?

PS5 vs Xbox Series X vs PC: Which is Best? – After a generation that, at least at the hardware level, was a bit of a disappointment, a mid-range PC could easily exceed the performance of PS4 and One, the new consoles seem on paper to be excellent machines : the excellent quality / price ratio and the arrival, finally, of the SSDs, make the Ps5 and the Xbox Series X consoles that can really put a PC in big trouble. Taking these considerations, the question arises: should you assemble a PC or take one of the new consoles? This article serves precisely to answer this question: we are going to analyze all three gaming platforms showing you their strengths and weaknesses, so that you can choose in full awareness.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X vs PC: A Brief Introduction

Both PS5 and Series X attack the supremacy of PCs from every point of view: backwards compatibility, speed, performance, the new consoles are worthy rivals of our beloved computers , and we can only be happy about this. The challenge is therefore very tight, which is why we decided to investigate each of the three platforms in detail, thus giving you the tools to better decide your next console or your next PC.

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A PC setup to counter Series X and PS5

The configuration we have prepared for you can easily equalize the performance of the new consoles : as a CPU it is equipped with a Ryzen 5 5600X; the GPU is an RTX 3060 while for the RAM we have chosen 16GB Corsair Vengeance. Clearly this configuration is also equipped with an SSD, to be precise a 512GB Sabrent Rocket, if you want you can of course choose a larger SSD, perhaps from a 1TB. The total cost of this configuration far exceeds the price of the new consolesEven if you take the components at discounted prices, it will be very difficult to spend less than 1000 € to assemble this configuration. So, until component prices drop, consoles win hands down in the performance / price ratio, does this mean that the PC has no points in its favor? But of course not, there are many reasons why a PC remains a good choice.


With the opening of Sony, the PC currently has an immense stock of titles that can boast all the Xbox exclusives, some Sony and all the many genres that exist practically only on PC: strategic, management, sim and many others. On the exclusivity side, the PC has established itself in recent years as the richest platform and it seems that in the future it will continue to be, being able to enjoy the exclusives of both consoles.

Services: Game Pass, PS Now and much more

Even in services, the PC is able to exploit the “war” between the two consoles to take something from each: for example , the Game Pass comes from Xbox while the PS Now from Playstation . We must then mention all the many stores that allow you to pay much less for games, to buy titles without DRM or to have them for free.

VR e modding

With PS VR Sony has tried to bring this world to Playstation, but for now, if you want to really experience what virtual reality is , you have to build a PC . With the release of Quest 2, virtual viewers are now much cheaper than a few years ago and many level games designed for virtual reality are finally available, one above all Half Life: Alyx. Another point in favor of the PC is modding, no console, since they are closed systems, will ever be able to offer the freedom that a computer grants. The world of modding is so varied that it is difficult to summarize it in a few lines, but just think that in many cases modders have managed to solve technical problems that the developers have never been able to solve.

Xbox Series X: Price, Specifications and exclusives of the new Microsoft console

Microsoft certainly starts from a worse situation than Sony: the PS4 has clearly won the “console war” of the last generation, imposing itself on all aspects compared to its rival. In recent years, however, Microsoft , under the leadership of Phil Spencer, has begun to rebuild its gaming division , purchasing many development teams and creating very profitable services such as Game Pass. If a few years ago Sony seemed to be able to excel in everything, now Microsoft is back to being competitive, offering a console, and a set of services, really very interesting.

Xbox Series X Tech Specs: What’s Inside the Console?

CPU:AMD Zen 2 8 core, 3.8 GHz
GPU:AMD RDNA 2 12 teraflops
SSD capacity:1TB
Supported Resolutions:up to 8K
Supported frame rates:up to 120 fps

Looking at the technical specifications of the X Series, we notice how Microsoft has created a really interesting machine: as a CPU it mounts an 8-core AMD Zen 2 and a frequency of 3.8 GHz; the GPU is a custom AMD RDNA 2 from 12 teraflops while as regards the RAM it mounts 16 GB GDDR6. Guaranteed support for technologies such as ray tracing and resolutions up to 8K. Both new consoles aim to run future games in 4K while trying to keep 60 fps. Considering the price at which it is sold, the technical specifications are excellent and can put even high-end PCs in difficulty.

The importance of SSD

On PC, SSDs have been mandatory for several years, while consoles were still based on old hard drives, and this probably held back the developers a lot. With Series X, SSDs are finally arriving in the console world , not any SSD but high-performance storage devices. The positive effects of an SSD are many: drastically reduced game loading times , much faster console startup, much smoother and more responsive operating system , from our point of view this addition is probably the most important aspect of this new generation. .

A feature to mention is the Quick Resume, which allows you to restart the game precisely from where we left it, even if we turned off the console, this allows for a much more immediate experience. Compared to its rival, Series X’s SSD is larger , 1 TB, but slower , although, surprisingly enough, in tests on last generation games, the X was found to have shorter loading times.

Backward compatibility

One of the most interesting aspects of the X Series is the great backwards compatibility: not only will we be able to play titles of the One , 360 and the original Xbox, but, in case these games have variable resolution and frame rates, we will be able to play them much better : for example, we can play to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice at 60 fps or to Hitman in 4K and 60 fps. Unfortunately not all games have variable frame rate or resolution, to see improvements in those games you have to hope for a patch from the developers, but until a few years ago these kinds of improvements were unthinkable. Clearly, thanks to the SSD, the loading times of all games are drastically reduced, we are talking about loading times more than halved compared to the One X, even this alone is a reason to try old games again.

A very interesting feature of the X Series, which the rival does not have, is the auto-HDR : this feature allows you to enjoy HDR even in video games that do not support it , obtaining a net improvement in the image. For now this feature has some problems, but already in games like Arkham Knight it significantly improves the image quality, giving us a truly sensational Gotham City.

Services and exclusives

With the postponement of Halo Infinite to a later date, Series X found itself without heavy exclusive titles coming out at launch . The future, on the other hand, looks very bright: Microsoft has bought many interesting development teams, one of them Bethesda, which have many first party titles in store that will arrive next year : Hellblade 2, Avowed, Psychonauts 2, Starfield and also some exclusives. thunderstorms like Stalker 2. The amazing thing is that all of these titles will be available at launch on Game Pass, you just need to subscribe to the service to have the entire Xbox exclusive stock. Don’t know what the Game pass is? In other words, it is a subscription service that allows you to access more than 100 games of this and the last generation at no additional cost. In the future there will be all the Xbox exclusives as well as many other third party titles.

Series X o S?

Unlike Sony, Microsoft has decided to create two consoles identical in architecture , but different in computational power and above all in price : the Series X is the flagship console and costs € 500, the Series S is the full digital console that aims more at 1440p than 4K. The S shares the hardware architecture with the X, but is less powerful than its older sister and has no player. The price of this console is significantly lower than that of the X, it is sold for € 300, and it can be the ideal solution for those who want to enter the new generation but are not interested in 4K.

PS5: Price, Specifications and exclusives of the new Sony flagship

After having won, more for Microsoft’s demerits, the “console war” of the last generation, Sony certainly did not sit on its laurels, offering us a very interesting new console , with several features that mark a big difference with the old generation. Let’s see in detail the most important aspects of this new console.

Ps5 Tech Specs: What’s Inside the Console?

CPU:AMDN Zen 2 8 core, 3.5 GHz
GPU:AMD RDNA 2 10.3 teraflops
SSD capacity:825GB
Supported Resolutions:up to 8K
Supported frame rates:up to 120 fps

The technical specifications of the new Sony console are very respectable : as a CPU it is equipped with an 8-core AMD Zen 2 and a frequency of 3.5 GHz; the GPU is a 10.3 teraflops custom AMD RDNA 2 while as regards the RAM it mounts 16 GB GDDR6. The console supports technologies such as ray tracing, resolutions up to 8K and 120fps. The goal of this console is to run the next generation games in 4K , native or upscaled, while trying to keep the 60 fps.

On paper, the technical specifications are excellent, especially considering the price at which the console is sold, we are talking about a high-level hardware that is exceeded in performance only by very high-end video cards and CPUs. The situation has therefore changed a lot compared to the Ps4 , which at launch could be achieved, and exceeded , in performance by a mid-range or medium-low-range PC . We are very happy that both Sony and Microsoft have decided to create high-performance machines.

The importance of SSD

One of the most interesting aspects of Ps5 is certainly the SSD: the new Sony console mounts an 825 GB SSD with a speed of 5.5 GB / s . The presence of such a high-performance storage medium brings considerable advantages: drastically reduced loading times, in the exclusives we talk about 1-2 seconds to start a game , very fast console startup times and more generally a much smoother system and responsive. If in the last gen to get back into the game after dying you had to put up with 40-50 seconds of loading, Red Dead Redemption we are looking at you, now the wait has been drastically reduced.

Backward compatibility

Although lagging behind Microsoft, Sony has also decided to focus on backward compatibility, obtaining similar results compared to Xbox: even on PS5, if a game has variable frame rates or resolution, it will run at the maximum possible . The implementation of backward compatibility is not yet perfect, in several Series X games it manages to achieve better performance, but over time we believe that the situation should rebalance.

The exclusives

The Ps5 presents at launch some very interesting exclusives , the most important are obviously Demon’s Souls Remake and Spider Man: Miles Morales: both of these titles show the potential of the new generation, having very fast loading, in the case of Miles Morales we talk about 1-2 seconds , and obviously not fully exploiting the PS5 hardware to give excellent graphics. Another launch title to mention is Astro’s Playroom , a short-lived platformer that allows you to get an overview of the features of the new Dualsense controller . For the future, Ratchet & Clank, God of War, a new Horizon and many other projects from the many first party studios that Sony owns have already been announced.

Digital edition or with reader?

Unlike Microsoft, Sony has decided not to sell two different consoles, such as the X and the S, but to put on the market two different versions of the Ps5 : one , from 500 €, with the 4K blu ray player , the ‘other , which costs € 100 less, without the blu ray player, so a full digital console. In addition to the presence or absence of the player, the two consoles are completely the same and therefore have a lower price difference than the two Xboxes.

Series X, PS5 or PC: Which to choose?

In this article we have tried to show you all the strengths and weaknesses of the Ps5, Series X and PC. The choice between these three machines is clearly very subjective , there are objective elements, for example the best quality / price ratio of the new consoles compared to the PC, but then there are many aspects that become more or less important depending on which are the your needs: how do you rate the Game Pass? Are you interested in VR? Ask yourself these and other questions and you will understand which of these three platforms is best for you.

Which one did you choose? Let us know

Now it’s up to you to choose, we hope we have given you all the information to make you make the right decision. If you want, comment on the article to tell us which of the three platforms you have chosen and why, it is always nice to know that our guides have been useful to someone.


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