Purchase of cryptocurrencies with the credit card offered by BitFlyer

Purchase of cryptocurrencies with the credit card offered by BitFlyer

BitFlyer Europe introduces the purchase of cryptocurrencies with credit cards

The BitFlyer exchange has announced that it allows the purchase of cryptocurrencies for European credit card users. The platform now has the option of “Instant buy” using credit cards, debit cards and local instant transfer methods such as Sofort, iDeal and GiroPay.

Payment processing is done through the Wirecard company in Germany, and the fees for credit card payments are 1.95% + € 0.25 per transaction.

In October, the exchange also launched its mobile applications and is currently offering transactions in seven cryptocurrencies. These are bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), litecoin (LTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), ethereum classic (ETC), monacoin (MONA) and lisk (LSK).

Gemini is hiring a new executive director in Europe

The Gemini Exchange has announced the appointment of Julian Sawyer as Managing Director for Europe and the UK. Sawyer is the co-founder and former head of one of the UK’s largest mobile banks, Starling Bank.

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The new director will have the role to manage the hires and to establish the strategy for the development of Genimi in Europe.

“Europe is the birthplace of modern financial markets, and the UK has been a global financial hub for innovation for hundreds of years,”

said Tyler Winklevoss, Gemeni CEO.

“Gemini must be here, and Julian’s deep knowledge and fintech expertise in these regions make him fit to drive the company’s expansion into this region.”

Tim Draper supports the release of Ross Ulbricht

In an episode of the Crypto Finder video podcast, Tim Draper voiced support for Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht.

“Release Ross, my dear! We need entrepreneurs like him! Get him out of jail! Why are we putting these truly extraordinary people in prison? We need their mind, their energy, their creative strength. Release him! Who knows what else he’ll invent? “

Draper explained that he understands that the authorities have turned Ross into a symbol, but believes he has been in prison long enough for the wrongdoing.

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Ulbricht serves a life sentence for his role in creating and maintaining the dark web Silk Road market. When the FBI closed the deal, Draper bought nearly 30,000 BTCs that were seized by authorities.

John McAfee is officially launching the US Presidency

Well-known character John McAfee has officially announced the launch of his 2020 presidential campaign. He posted the ad on Twitter, posting the first clip and the official website:

“The McAfee 2020 US Presidential campaign has now officially begun. I cannot be president. You already know that. But I hope you also know that I am a perfect candidate to disrupt this system and I intend to do so. Welcome to our first campaign video. “

McAfee also explained that his official campaign website, McAfee2020.com, has one purpose:

“My campaign platform contains only one element: how to get rid of a government that no longer serves us, but instead has become our master – controlling every action, down to the details of what we may or may not put in our bodies and minds. ours ”.

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