PwC Switzerland boosts its audit of smart contracts and blockchain

In Switzerland, the consulting giant PwC integrated ChainSecurity, a company specializing in auditing smart contracts. The firm is thus strengthening in a country considered as a benchmark for technology blockchain.

Like its competitor EY, PwC enriches its skills in the field of blockchain and the audit of smart contracts (or smart contracts). The firm, which unveiled a blockchain software suite this summer, announces the acquisition of ChainSecurity for the benefit of its Swiss subsidiary.

The startup is a benchmark player in auditing and security blockchain in Swiss. Its founders notably led the security working groups of the Crypto Valley Association, the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance and the Swiss Blockchain Federation.

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PwC wants to be the leader in Blockchain Smart Contract Assurance

Thanks to this integration, PwC Switzerland therefore acquires new skills which will allow it to offer its customers smart contract audit services and security of blockchain architectures.

The audit of a smart contract thus aims to "formally verify the accuracy of smart contracts in relation to their individual business logic. " In this domain, ChainSecurity claims collaborations with more than 75 companies in the blockchain sector worldwide.

Through this takeover, PwC intends to position itself as the leader of the " Blockchain Smart Contract Assurance ". In a press release, the firm specifies that the ChainSecurity teams will focus on the development of blockchain audits of its subsidiary PwC Switzerland.

This includes in particular technical audits of smart contracts, blockchain platforms as well as risk hedging services for the crypto asset holders. PwC also underlines the growing role acquired by Switzerland in the blockchain sector, and as a trusted third party of these projects.

"Switzerland is consolidating its role as an international leader and, as an independent and neutral authority, is playing a pioneering role in a transnational blockchain world," insists PwC Switzerland.

Last September, the Luxembourg branch of the firm with a global presence announced that it was starting to take over payment in Bitcoin.

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