Rig For Mining – How To Setup or Build One and How it Works

Rig For Mining - How To Setup or Build One and How it Works

Let’s take a look at Rig For Mining and how ti all works. Today, cash investments spent on cryptocurrency mining, even without taking into account high volatility of assets and significant fluctuations in the rate, remain a very profitable business. This allows a large number of users of the global Internet to receive high passive income from their activities. Rig for mining is necessary in order to be able to mine and receive high cash income from this activity.

Rig For Mining – What is it and how to make it

Many people who decide to mine cryptocurrency on their own ask the question, which is related to what is rig in mining. From the English word ” rig “, meaning ” harness, adaptation or equipment “, miners call one element of the finished farm, which is necessary in order to mine cryptocurrency. That is, this is one independent station for cryptocurrency mining, which includes certain elements in its main composition, some of them are:

  1. The motherboard on which the processor and random access memory (RAM) are installed.
  2. One or several power supplies.
  3. Specialized rack on which video cards are installed.

Answering the frequently asked question how to make a rig for mining, it is necessary to take into account the main components that are given above. This point is important and you should pay attention to it if you plan to mine cryptocurrency.

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mining accessories

Mining platform assembly

Assembling a rig for mining begins with the selection of the necessary components. It will be necessary to make a choice of a specific model of the motherboard and the number of video cards in direct proportion to the available budget to complete the tasks. It is necessary to take into account such an important point that saving money in the process of assembling a rig for mining can lead to the fact that the resulting farm will not be able to recoup costs for a long period of time. Therefore, in this matter, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of components when creating a mining rig.

Main components

To properly assemble the rig for mining, you will need the main components:

  • A motherboard that has 4-6 PCI-E slots .
  • Video cards from 4 pieces (AMD from RX 460 and above or Nvidia from 950 and above).
  • A power supply unit that has a power rating of at least 600 watts.
  • A processor that matches the existing motherboard will do the easiest for 1000 r.
  • RAM (random access memory), it is recommended from 4-8 GB.
  • Hard disk (HDD) at least 32 GB.

When mining, the volume of the installed hard drive is not important, but the recommended indicators are the above values. Now, very often special Clamore dual miner software is used , which works in the Windows environment and allows for (dual) mining, so the miner can simultaneously mine another cryptocurrency, which is very convenient and practical. Hive OS in this case will be much higher, which allows you to get higher profit margins.

Body assembly

The body for your own farm can be independently made of bars and corners, which are made of metal. This procedure, with the right approach, does not take much time and does not require high cash costs. A drawing of a mining rig with dimensions allows you to perform an optimal and reliable design that can effectively perform all the tasks.

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Rig For Mining – Setting up and installing programs

Rig For Mining - Setting up and installing programs

In order to mine cryptocurrency, it is recommended to use the High OS, which is a version of Linux. The presented operating system is specially designed for mining ethereum and has a large number of advantages when used. One of the important advantages of this option is the small space on the HDD, and there is no need to install a large number of drivers. The mining program is recommended to be downloaded on the official website. Thus, there will be confidence in full compatibility.

After completing the registration of the wallet, you will receive a special address, which you will need to indicate in the personal account of the pool. All earnings will be displayed on him. In addition, in the operating system cabinet, you should copy the login and your password. After completing this procedure, you will need to run the program and observe the statistics of the operation of the rig.

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The main programs for mining:

  • Claymore’s dual miner
  • Nicehash miner
  • Cgminer
  • Multiminer
  • Ethminer

When choosing a pool for mining, it is worth looking at the complexity of the network and the speed of mining the pool relative to the coin network. There are large popular pools where it is necessary to analyze the hash of the network in detail and thoroughly.

List of popular pools:

  • Dwarfpool
  • Nanoool
  • F2pool
  • ETHpool 

In addition, you will be able to observe how the rewards from mining the popular cryptocurrency that you mine are credited to your account.

Buying a ready rig for mining

Buying a ready rig for mining

Now one of the simplest and best options is to buy a ready-made rig for mining in special outlets. The price of such equipment will to a significant extent depend on the parameters of the components that are in its composition.The cost of mining equipment also depends on the value of the Top coins, because the number of miners changes to a considerable extent. With the price reduction of cryptocurrency, the cost of specialized mining equipment is significantly reduced.

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