Sitronics presented domestic solutions for autonomous navigation

MOSCOW, 21 Oct – PRIME. Domestic “Sitronics” presented at the Indonesian exhibition INAMARINE solutions for automatic and remote control of ships, successfully tested in real conditions in Russia. This was reported in the press service of the company.

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As the representatives of the developer noted, Sitronics KT and the Center for the Promotion of Autonomous Navigation Technologies MARINET RUT presented Russian solutions and practical experience in the field of autonomous navigation at the largest regional exhibition INAMARINE in Jakarta.

They recalled that Sitronics is a developer of systems for autonomous navigation (a-Navigation), which for the first time in the world have been approved by a classification society and widely tested in practice.

The company explained that the a-Navigation systems are able to automatically follow the vessel along a given route, identify and diverge from other vessels and navigational hazards, and also provide remote control and management of the vessel in real time.

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“The technology makes it possible to increase the safety of navigation by reducing the influence of the human factor, as well as reduce the workload on the crew on board and, as a result, reduce their number and the costs of shipping companies,” the developer noted.

Andrey Rodionov, head of Sitronics, emphasized that interest in a-Navigation technologies in Southeast Asia is dictated by the use of a significant number of ships, while the region is considered one of the most dangerous for navigation in the world.

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