so Apple's Big G challenges rental and purchase

so Apple's Big G challenges rental and purchase

In recent years, with the advent of ultrafast internet, streaming platforms capable of offering their users have sprung up almost everywhere films in high and very high definition, for rent or for purchase, sometimes even with extra content in addition to the official film.
In addition to the "usual notes", from iTunes to Chili, passing through the services owned by Sony and Microsoft on PlayStation and Xbox, for years now even Google Play Film is able to have its say in the world of digital rental and purchase. So let's try to understand how Google's video platform works and what it offers.

Movies on Google Play

Like other competing platforms, Google Play Film also offers its users classic and recently released films for hire or purchase. With the first mode, certainly cheaper, we have the possibility to rent – literally – a title from the vast video library of Google, exactly as it was physically done in specialized stores in the 80s and 90s; the difference in this case is that we have no videotape or disc to view but a digital file, available to us for 30 days from the actual moment of rental.

After 27 years from the IT Chapter One events, Adult Losers return to the charming town of Derry, Maine, because the horror related to IT has returned. In fact, we are talking about the supernatural creature that feeds on our innermost fears, capable of taking on different forms and terrorizing us from the soul. Also signed by Andy Muschietti, this new adventure sees in the cast – among others – James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, Bill Skarsgard and Finn Wolfhard, the little star of Stranger Things.

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Once the reproduction has started, we instead have 48 hours to end the vision or start again as many times as we want; once the time is up, the title simply disappears from the list of active rentals. The method of purchase is very different, which allows us – at a price that goes usually from 3.99 to 19.99 euros, it depends on how new a certain title is and on the various offers – to keep our favorite films in our personal library, from the immortal great classics to the newest ones, to always have them with us, on different devices.

Given the different purchase and rental platforms available on the market, why should we choose Google Play Film to build our very own virtual video library? Certainly the service of the Big G offers us an extremely familiar environment, which incorporates the layout and experience of the classic Google Play Store – known above all by Android users. Buying a movie is almost like downloading an app for our smartphone, it changes very little, moreover we find the same Material Design common to many Google applications, which is why we define the whole experience as "familiar". Also, being a Big G product, we are confident of compatibility on one huge variety of devices, mobile and otherwise, unlike, for example, Apple TV, application available only on the devices of the bitten apple. Google Play Film products, on the other hand, can be sent to a Google Chromecast, displayed on Smart TVs, computers, smartphones and tablets, including from Apple. We speak therefore of a "transversal" and extremely versatile service, perfect for those who own devices from different producers and want to have their films always available.

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On-the-go entertainment

Usually most of the products on the platform are available both for hire and for purchase, to find out just look at the practical red labels on each film 's cards – which indicates the possibility of purchase & rental or just purchase.
But how can we pay for our films on the Google platform? Those who have already used their Big G account to purchase apps on the Play Store, will pay for the titles with the same registered payment card, there is no need to add anything else. If instead it is the first time that you make a purchase in the microcosm of Google, the system takes us to a screen for entering the data of a payment card, which is credit or debit is not important. Instead, it is essential to remember how long it has been on Google Play Film 4K HDR has arrived (proposed at the same price as HD), available only on compatible devices and with selected films. For completeness, we also tell you that to view content on a computer you need to have installed a Chrome or Firefox browser.

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The platform also provides 5.1 subtitles and multi-channel audio in multiple languages, depending on the product, we always advise you to carefully view the various film cards to understand exactly what you are about to rent or buy. To underline the possibility of assigning a rating (from 1 to 5 stars) and inserting a public comment for each film purchased.
Returning to mobile devices, it is important to report the possibility of download purchased / rented content to see them at any time, even offline, perhaps in situations where we do not have access to the network or want to limit the consumption of data.

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