Soon bitcoin micro transactions in Apex Legends from Electronic Arts?

Soon bitcoin micro transactions in Apex Legends from Electronic Arts

The American game publisher Electronic Arts (EA) tweeted out of the blue “Invest in crypto.” Is your heart beating faster? Does this mean that the publisher of, among other things, promotes the Fifa series of cryptocurrency? Unfortunately not. The tweet turned out to be a promotion for season 3 of their game Apex Legends.

invest in Crypto.

– Electronic Arts (@EA) September 19, 2019

Promotion for game

It soon became clear that it was an ambiguous tweet. You also notice this in the reactions, which largely played a part, a small part expressed their disappointment that it was a promotion for a game. EA absolutely knew what they were doing when tweeting this, a new playable character of the third season is called Crypto.

– Electronic Arts (@EA) September 19, 2019

You can see that in the first reaction, from EA itself. Above you can see the promotion video of Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown! with the character Crypto. For the gamers among us, the new season comes out on October 1.

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EA is maligned by many gamers, for various reasons such as buying up other publishers, micro-transactions, popular game franchises, etc. But honors who deserve credit, this was a good marketing stunt. The heartbeats of many a crypto enthusiast made a leap and even we write about it.

Blockchain and games

Or would this be a coming-out party from EA that they are busy with crypto and blockchain? Not likely, but the tweets are funny.

One of us, one of us!

– Crypto Rand (@crypto_rand) September 19, 2019

Even Binance couldn’t resist responding.

– Binance (@binance) September 19, 2019

Both sectors are good examples of developing techniques. In the space of ten years, bitcoin has evolved from an obscure white paper into a billion-dollar industry. And the game industry started with two lines and a ball, now you have photo-realistic simulations that can hardly be distinguished from real ones.

Interchangeable collections

Blockchain and video games have been flirting with each other for some time. Developers see blockchain as a solution for storing digital collectables or currencies. Digital collectibles are suitable for tokenization and can make good use of the fungibility aspects of blockchain. That actually means that they are interchangeable yet unique.

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You can exchange a rare digital object for two less rare objects where the value is retained because the cards cannot be copied. In that respect, the Cryptokitties collection game is a good test case.

Conclusion: EA does not release a blockchain game for the time being and they do not use cryptocurrency for micro transactions. Nor is it advisable to invest in cryptocurrency. It is a sophisticated marketing campaign for one of their many games.

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