Starlink satellite network will not work in Russia

MOSCOW, 19 Sep — PRIME. Connection to the new generation Starlink satellite network will not be available to residents of Russia: it is not included in the Starlink coverage map, like China, Belarus, Iran, Afghanistan and North Korea, follows from the coverage map published on the network website.

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Earlier Monday, the chief executive officer of SpaceX, which is the developer of the Starlink global satellite network, said Starlink connectivity is now available from anywhere in the world, including Antarctica.

“Thank you for your interest in ordering Starlink! Starlink is not yet available in your region due to regulatory approvals. Our coverage will continue to expand as approvals are received, so please check for future availability in your region.” the official website of the satellite system when checking the availability of satellite Internet delivery to an address in Russia.

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On the satellite network website, judging by the coverage map, the ability to connect to Starlink in Russia is not expected: the country is not listed either in the waitlist category (“waiting list”), where Ukraine is indicated, for example, or in the coming soon category (“soon to be “), such as Turkey, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, India, countries in Africa and most of South America. The network will also not be available in China, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela, Belarus and North Korea.

RIA Novosti sent a request to the Ministry of Digital and Roskomnadzor.

Starlink is a next generation satellite network designed to provide broadband Internet access around the world. SpaceX launched the project in February 2018. The original plan was to launch 12,000 Starlink satellites, but the company has applied to launch 30,000 more in 2019.

SpaceX launched 54 more Starlink satellites into orbit on Sunday, and the company now has more than 2,300 active Starlink satellites with more than 500,000 active subscribers.

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