Surfshark vs. Express VPN: Which One Is Perfect for You

Surfshark vs. Express VPN: Which One Is Perfect for You

Express and Nord VPNs are some of the biggest names in the VPN industry. Surfshark is one of the newer VPNs, but it is giving tough competition to these two. The main reason behind Surfshark’s increasing popularity is the lower price.

Geo-restricted content, gaming, banned sites, and avoiding ISP throttling are some primary reasons people use a VPN. Some people also use free VPNs, but I prefer and recommend a paid VPN.

Technology is growing at a fast speed. So you can get hundreds of alternatives for any app, website, smartphone, etc. This condition applies to a VPN too. There are several VPNs you can choose from, which can confuse you.

In this article, I’ll talk about Express and the Surfshark VPN. After reading this article, you will be pretty sure about which one will do the job for you. 

What features do these two offer?

Let us start the comparison with the features these two VPNs offer.

Surfshark VPN provides you with 3,200+ servers that are present in 65 countries. Surfshark VPN also has a simple UI that gives you a better user experience than most other VPNs. It has a quick button on the home screen that you can use to connect to the server. 

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It automatically connects you to the fastest server. One standout difference that makes it superior to other VPNs is that it allows you to conect infinite devices simultaneously. Other VPNs offer 3-6 simultaneous connections only.

Express VPN has fewer servers than Surfshark, but it covers more areas. It gives you more than 3000 servers from 90 countries. It has a Quick Connect button you can use to connect to the fastest server. The availability of servers in more countries gives you more options to unlock geo-restricted content.

This VPN has been in the market for a long time and provides a better interface than Surfshark VPN. Surfshark’s UI is also good but not better than Express VPN. One more primary difference is Surfshark’s inbuilt feature, ad-blocker. 

Winner: Surfshark

Which one is more affordable

Surfshark VPN is more affordable than Express because you can buy it for as low as $2.49 per month if you buy a two-year plan ($47.88 for two years). It also allows you to purchase one-year or six months subscriptions. It offers a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

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Express VPN is costlier than Surfshark because it costs $12.95 for one month. The lowest price you can get is $8.32 per month if you sign up for a year. You can also get it for $9.99 monthly if you sign up for six months. It also offers a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

Winner: Surfshark VPN

Which one is better for streaming?

One of the primary reasons users use VPNs is for unblocking and streaming geo-locked content. Although both VPNs give almost the same results in streaming, Express VPN has servers in more countries. More locations mean you have more options to unblock geo-restricted content.

I used different devices to stream content using both these VPNs. Both the VPNs perform decently on all platforms. Surf shark VPN performed a little better on the Amazon Firestick. You might want to utilize the Surfshark VPN service on your Fire Stick if you want to stream unlimited content on a larger screen. 

Winner: Tie

Which one is faster?

You can conduct several speed tests to check these VPNs’ speed. But, I ran multiple speed tests on a 1 Gbps connection line. Surfshark wins on an average by a significant margin. Surfshark managed to achieve 324 Mbps. However, Express VPN only managed to reach 135 Mbps which was a little surprising because of its reputation. 

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Winner: Surfshark VPN


Before picking a winner, I want to give a little suggestion. You might not want to use a free VPN because it might end up loading your devices with unlimited malware and viruses.

You might want to use Surfshark VPN if you are trying to save some money. Express VPN is one of the most trusted VPNs for online privacy and security. You might want to use it if you do not want to take a risk.

However, you might want to consider Surfshark if you want to connect unlimited devices simultaneously.

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