Test ZOTAC GeForce RTX 2080 AMP Extreme

Some time ago I had the opportunity to introduce you to the RTX 2080 AMP card test. It fared well, although it was not the most efficient of all designs. Now I will tell you that ZOTAC is regaining the title of the most efficient graphics thanks to the AMP Extreme model.

The RTXs from the AMP Extreme series look great. It is no different with the RTX 2080 model. All white elements as well as the side logo are illuminated by AMP. There is a backplate on the back and the whole thing is black. It really does make for an amazing visual effect. The card has already known cooling with three 90 mm fans. It has a semi-passive mode, which will surely appeal to many of the company’s customers. The card measures 324 mm x 136 mm x 59 mm and takes up 2.5 PCI slots. There are three DisplayPort outputs, one HDMI and one USB-C. So this is the standard configuration. Power is supplied via a pair of 8-pin plugs. The build quality, as always, is great.

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Test platform

Tests at 1920 x 1080 resolution

Tests at 2560 x 1440 resolution

Tests at a resolution of 3840 x 2160


The card overclocking was done after moving the sliders with voltage, power limit and thermal limit to the maximum values ​​in the MSI Afterburner program. As you can see, the maximum achieved is 40 MHz on the core and 250 MHz on memory chips (effectively 1000 MHz). At higher values, there were already problems with the games. Examples of results with such settings can be found below.

Temperature, volume, power consumption


So ZOTAC regains the name of the company with the most efficient RTX 2080. The results are slightly higher than the Aorus GeForce RTX 2080 Xtreme Waterforce 8G version. The Aorus model has liquid cooling, so the AMP Extreme is far ahead of any competition with traditional air cooling. ZOTAC took everything possible from the card and brought it to the market. For lovers of maximum performance, it will surely be the best choice. Due to the strong factory OC, there is no need to count on a high manual overclock. At least when it comes to the core, because you can still get a lot out of memory. There are, however, some disadvantages to such performance and capabilities. The card is inaudible at rest (semi-passive mode, so that’s obvious), but may already be noisy under load. It is the same with temperatures. At rest they are standard, but under load they are very high, although similar to the Asus version working in Q mode,

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ZOTAC GeForce RTX 2080 AMP Extreme should cost about PLN 3970. The card is certainly well-made and looks brilliant. In the housing with a window, it will be delightful and this is its first plus. Another is uncompromising performance. You will not find a more factory overclocked card than the ZOTAC GeForce RTX 2080 AMP Extreme. The performance is huge and it is definitely higher than the untapped cards. Here the company beats all the competition. Unfortunately, the cost of obtaining such results is the work culture and temperature under load. They are high and you can’t count on perfect silence or low temperatures. Even so, I believe the performance is fully worth the sacrifice. So I recommend that you take an interest in this card because with the RTX 2080 you will not find anything more efficient.

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