The automatically cleaning Popur X5 litter box frees cats from unpleasant duties

The Popur X5 campaign has just started on Kickstarter. In short, it is an automatically cleaning litter box, which is designed to make it easier for cat owners to clean up after their pets. The price for such a pleasure is $ 279 or $ 329 (depending on the variant), and all supporters should expect deliveries in October this year.

The Popur X5 is an automatically cleaning litter box that cat lovers will forget about their pets’ excrements

These types of gadgets for cat lovers are nothing new, but the Popur company proudly claims that its work will be one of a kind. All through a two-container system that separates both types of cat droppings from the litter box containing the litter, overcoming the cleaning and odor problems that are characteristic of spinning drum litter boxes.

The DuoTilt mechanism in the Popur litter box first tilts the litter box to separate the waste from the litter, then tilts the filter to empty the waste into the cardboard waste bin. This is how it works in the cheaper model, because in the Pro version, the faeces go into a sealed, hermetic container, so everyone will find something for themselves.

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The Popur X5 can be used by cats up to 60 cm long, the litter box itself measures 51 x 41 cm, its functionality is extended by smartphone application support, and the cleaning process is to be very easy. In addition, the device is also made of antibacterial materials to prevent the growth of mold.